Love Tarot and The Tower Card

Love Tarot and The Tower Card

The Tower Card In Love Tarot

In a love tarot and the Tower card reading can often mean there is cause for fear or anxiety. This is largely due to its association to the breakdown of your current situation, belief systems or, in some cases, relationships. The Tower tarot card often represents sudden change and upheaval. When it appears in a love tarot reading, it urges you to really examine your current circumstances and relationships. The Tower tarot card is indicative of needed change. It usually appears when transformation or major shifts are occurring or about to occur in your life or relationships.

Love Tarot and The Tower Card

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Traditionally, the love tarot and the Tower card reading refers to the need to restructure our belief system. It usually indicates that our current ideas or perspectives are no longer serving us as they did in the past. The appearance of the Tower card heralds upheaval, instability, massive change and, in the end, truth. If, for example, someone has been living under the cloak of denial, clarity and self-awareness these realities are sure to soon break through. Until this happens, however, their life will become increasing chaotic especially if they attempt resist the process that is upon them.

When it comes to the love tarot and the Tower card, it can indicate the need to push your relationship forward. Perhaps, things have come to a standstill and what was once a loving and kind relationship that has transformed into one that is unemotional. In love tarot readings, the Tower urges you to ask your self some important questions about your relationships and partnerships.

  • Has one or both partners outgrown the relationship?
  • Is there a lack of honesty from either partner?
  • Has the relationship lived up to its expectations?
  • Is one partner taking advantage of the other partner?
  • Is either partner in denial?
  • Is either partner staying in the relationship for the wrong reasons?

This would be the time to examine if you are sacrificing your happiness and freedom for a relationship that only provides you with security. If a relationship has been unstable or troubled by denial, this may also be the time to either let it go, get honest and if needed or even agree to get help from a professional.

The Tower Card Urges You To Shift Your Ideas

If you are single, the Tower often indicates a need to shift your ideas about love. Perhaps it’s time to date a new kind of person? Your behaviors and thought patterns must change in order to attract a more honest and real relationship into your life.

As these shifts or transformations are occurring in your life, there may be periods where you feel alone and powerless. Take note, like all things, these feelings shall pass. In the end, your new found clarity will help you bring a healthier and sustaining relationships into your life.

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