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Love Tarot Card History

How Love Tarot Cards Became

The History of Tarot Reading and Tarot Cards

love tarot card history

First and foremost, this is not a historical overview of everything evolving to Tarot Cards today, this is not an expert overview, nor can will this article go into great detail regarding the origins of the tarot cards.

There is a plethora of information available to those who wish to explore the history of the Tarot in greater detail and can suggest some great books for those of you who would like to embark on a great historical journey.

But this an insight we want to share on tarot and Love tarot Card History.

In The Beginning

How Tarot Started

The rich imagery of the Tarot has its root in many different religions and philosophies.

The first records of the Tarot Cards date back to the 15th century. Although there are no records that identify the exact geographical region where the Tarot originated, most scholars believe the Tarot originated in Northern Europe.

love tarot card history

The History Of Tarot Card

Better insights into the history of tarot in general help us to appreciate how tarot is used today and how it can help you reveal your answers

The 18th Century Beginning

Tarot Cards

The cards were primarily used for a card game known as Tarocchi.

This was a game of chance and the deck consisted of numbered cards (1-10) in four suits, court cards (page, knight, queen, king) and 22 trumps cards.

These 22 cards are now associated with the Major Arcana. The popular term for this early card deck was called carte da trionfi, or Triumph Cards, and it became an extremely popular game for the wealthy and noble.

It wasn’t until the 18th century, however, that the Tarot were used for divinatory purposes.

Jean-Baptiste Alliette (French occultist) was the first to create a tarot deck used for this purpose.

He included new symbolism and imagery that incorporated the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and astrology.

It became a popular tool for fortunetelling during this time. In 1910, the Tarot became truly mainstream when the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck was first published.

The Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck was the first deck to include symbolic imagery in all 78 cards

the love tarot

A Century Old Tradition – Tarot Card History

The Tarot card deck is consisting of 78 cards.

For centuries, these cards were used for fortune telling. The official history of tarot is very controversial.

Many claim that medieval versions date back to the early 1400s and due to the Italian imagery used in these versions, many say that they have Italian origins.

Others state that the real origins of tarot cards are in China or Egypt.

Throughout history, the gypsies were associated to these decks of cards because of their fortune telling uses, and, the gypsies are known to be masters of the fortune telling art.

Even if they had nothing to do with the creation of the cards, they certainly had a word to say in the spreading of tarot cards.

the love tarot
Tarot Taps Into Your Inner-self

Tarot Stimulates Your Intuition

Much of the symbolism in the modern tarot deck has its roots in astrology and the Kabala, but bear in mind that there are many religions, myths and legends symbolically depicted in the Tarot.

This is because the cards were developed in a time imbued with symbolic imagery that was influenced by many cultures, languages and historical references.

After all, it was the time when the dark ages where ending and the Renaissance was beginning.

Certainly there is a great deal of allegorical symbolism referencing the Christian teachings of those times, and we certainly see a great deal of Greco-Roman imagery as well.

The list goes on. Knowing the symbolism and tarot card meanings can be quite helpful, but remember the intention of the Tarot, and all of it’s magical imagery, is to stimulate your intuition.

love tarot card history

The Power Of Tarot Cards

The magical power of tarot cards enables us to use our own intuitive powers to have the cards  reveal what it is we are seeking answers to.

Tarot Taps Into Your Inner-self

Tarot And It's Power

The tarot deck features 78 cards of which 22 comprise the major arcana and 56 form the minor arcana.

The 22 major arcana cards supposedly depict a journey through one’s life.

The range of cards begin with the fool card and ends with a cards called The World.

Some interpretations reveal that this is the road of life, and some clergy have said that these cards represent the road to hell, and even the devil.

The Devil is a card in the major arcane, but rather than Satan, it depicts enslavement, addiction and even misdirection.

The Death card is another widely misunderstood card. It does not refer to the physical body’s death, but merely change and transformation of some kind. The fool cards are the predecessors of the Joker cards we discard before shuffling most decks for a game.

The minor arcana has the closest resemblance to our modern playing cards deck.

It contains four suites that correspond to any game playing deck you may have around the house.

These suits are Wands, the correspondent of Clubs, Cups, the equivalent of Hearts, the Pentacles, our modern day Diamonds and the Swords, correspondent of Spades.

Also present are the Queen, King and Knight (or Jack) of each suit, plus the addition of Pages, which resemble young men, or women of court, which are not represented in the modern playing deck.

love tarot

Tarot Deck Varieties

There are many decks available, from the “mainstream’’ Rider-Waite deck, which evolved in the early 1900s to tarot cards with woodland images for Pagans, feline images for Cat lovers, as well as pictures of beautiful lands both real and imagined.

The decks come with complete instructions and meanings for all of the cards, so the true mystery of the tarot can be as easy as trying it for yourself, if you’re game.

tarot card history
Love Tarot Is The Most Popular

The History Of Love Tarot

In tarot readings, there are three common themes people consult the cards for:

  • Love and Romance
  • Money and Fortune
  • Happiness and Future

Love and romance is by far the most popular, and it is therefore no surprise that tarot specifically for love readings was born.  The creation of tarot cards for love came from the desire to have a true love and romance reading.  

As each card follows traditional tarot, it has a focus that is on affairs of the heart.   The readings are more specific to your love life and guidance to your love happiness.

Traditional tarot cards can perform love readings, of course, but love tarot cards are able to provide a more focused guidance.

the history of tarot

Love Tarot Cards Reveal Romance

When you want a specific solution you go to a professional trained in providing you with the help you seek.   Love tarot Cards provide the guidance in love, affairs of the heart, romance and relationships

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Love Tarot Reading

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