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Psychic Readings For FREE

Psychic Readings

Best Unique Psychic Readings FREE. Online selection of FREE Readings From Our Friends & Fellow Psychic Readers!

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There are many free readings and report, from tarot to astrology, numerology and more, but this page is dedicated to those other other unique psychic readings that offer something different

personal insights to your life

Start A Free Reading - Your Future Will Be Revealed

old physics

Free Mayan Calender Reading

Discover What The Mayan Priests Would Have Said About You And Your Future. Based On Where Your Birthday Lands On This Ancient Stone Calendar!

Natal Chart Reading

FREE Natal Chart Reading

Your birth chart will provide a free interpretation about your personality, your challenges, and your future. See what is in store for you!

free numerology reading

Free Numerolgoy Reading

Imagine what it would be like if you had a magic book; A book of secret knowledge written just for you that showed you where to find fulfillment and success in life. … what would that be worth to you?

Free Love Astrology Reading

FREE Soul Reading

Your Soul Reading Reveals The Path That Your Soul Is On At This Point In Your Life. It Reveals The Challenges That May Be Blocking You On Your Soul’s Journey And The Opportunities Available To Help You At This Time in Your Life.

Natal Chart Reading

Know Your Biorhythm For Success

The Biorhythm is an accurate app that gives out dedicated daily readings, sophisticated software that includes daily insights, along with critical days, and personal advice for an entire month.

numerology reading

Control Your Biorhythms

Biorhythms Control Your Life - Now You can Control Your Biorhythms Now You can Control Your Biorhythms. Who wants to know when is the best day to go on that first date, or take that test, or ask for a raise, make that call or even when to make that key decision. Get our Free Guide to Biorhythms

Free Love Astrology Reading

FREE Cosmic Compatibility Profile

Are the two of you meant to be together? This psychic reading will tell you all!

Natal Chart Reading

FREE Psychic Chat Reading

Reveal Your Unique Pathways and Interventions That Lead To Abundance, Prosperity, and Comfort.

numerology reading

Psychic Palm Reading

Get answers to your past, present & future with a psychic palm reading. Get your own psychic palm reading now by answering just a few short questions and uploading a photo of your palm...

Free Love Astrology Reading

When, Where & How You Will Meet Your Soulmate

Psychic love Report prepared by 5 Psychics covering all areas of your future life in readings to give you an accurate answer. Included In Every Psychic Love Report™: In-Depth Psychic Soulmate Reading - Extended Star Sign Compatibility Report - Love Tarot Reading - Birth Chart Reading - Empath-Channeled Love Advice - 3 Month Horoscope Love Forecast - Angel Number Guidance & Love Numerology Review - And Much, Much More!

Natal Chart Reading

Past Life Regression - Sketch & Reading

Now You Can Uncover The Secrets Of Your Past Life with the Help of This World-Famous Psychic‍. Clear Unresolved Emotional Pain, Release Old Patterns, and Start Playing to Your Inborn Strength. Make Sense of Your Past With Your Detailed Past Life Reading + Sketch Psychic Sonia Will Use Her Special Gift to Help You

numerology reading

Connect With A Lost Loved One

The World’s Leading Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant Helps You to Receive Messages From Beyond. For anyone looking to connect with a partner, relative or a friend that passed away. Tap into Michael’s mystic powerful energy & with his “Cosmic Trident” method he will create a psychic portal to the spirit world.

Free Love Astrology Reading

Abundance Flow Feng Shui Reading

This Unusual Reading Will Help Remove Your Biggest Energy Blocks to Abundance. Answer a few questions and you will receive a private personalized reading by Master Gabrielle to remove your biggest blocks to abundance...

Free Love Astrology Reading

Free Audio Books

Explore all of the love, magic and tarot through audiobooks - start with 2 free

Many of our friends in the esoteric community are very talented in their skill and craft. To show you how good they are at their craft, they want to offer you free readings, guides and reports or if some are not free, they are for a very minimal fee.  

Explore and learn more about yourself with one or more of these readings.  You will not be disappointed and don’t you want to know?


Free Love Tarot Reading

FREE Tarot Readings

Love, compatibility, future, fortune and more

Natal Chart Reading

FREE Birth Chart, Natal & Astrology Readings

Select any one of the Birth Chart, Natal Chart & Astrology readings, including east/west, partner reading, celebrity, astro tarot, Chinese astrology, moon readings and more

numerology reading

Free Numerology Readings

Select any one of our Numerology readings to learn more about your life path

Manifestation Reading


Manifest the life you want with one of our carefully selected and proven to work manifestation guides

Psychic Abilities

Do You Have Psychic Abilities

Take a quiz and find out. Enhance and grow your abilities with courses and more

soulmate drawings

Soulmate Drawings

Do you wonder what your future spouse will look like, or your first born? Take a soulmate drawing and see for yourself

love and dating

Love, Dating & Relationship Advice

Improve your chances of finding love or if you have found love make the love even that much better with unique dating ideas, love quizes and more

love spells

Love Spells

White Magic Love Spells always help to bring love and happiness into our lives. From the top spell casters, see what spell will help you the best

Learn tarot

Learn Tarot

Learn from the top tarot readers, in easy to understand instructions and more.

Palm Reading

FREE Readings & Guides

Looking for a different type of free reading or guide, such as the Mayan Calendar Reading, Your Biorhythm for Success or a Palm Reading, you will find these and more

All  Readings

All Readings, Reports & Guides

Go to the comprehensive readings, reports and guides page and select from over 110 to guide you and answer your questions

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Free Love Tarot Reading
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