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16 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

What Are The Psychic Signs Someone Misses You?

Knowing when someone is missing you can be as easy as reading the signs. Even if it is a long distant relationship there are little things people do that tell you that they are thinking of you and missing you. Ordering lunch and having it delivered to you, sending you gifts or just a text message. These are all signs you are thought of.

Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

It’s from the things they do (even if it’s a long distance relationship)

Sign number 16

Random letters in your actual mailbox or messages in your inbox on social media.

They usually tell you that they miss you.

Sometimes they may be in a particular area because your home or your job is close by and they’re only in that area because they hope they will run into you.

A person’s actions will tell you a lot.

Others may call your phone directly and leave a message on your voicemail.

Are there small gifts just waiting for you to find them, such as a flower on your door step?

Maybe they have lunch delivered to your office

Or they spend time planning the night out that they will have with you

From any of these things or similar, you will know they are thinking about you

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