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Tarot Cards About Love

The Meaning Of Love Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards About Love

Tarot Cards About Love
Tarot Cards About Love

The Two of Cups are the best Tarot Cards About Love. Here we break down the images within the card and give a meaning to each card for a Love Tarot Card Reading.

Two is a number of polarity

Two Of Cups

Two is a number of polarity and the best of the Tarot Cards About Love.

Here we see this polarity in a kind form: as an attractive force between two opposites.

When in a love tarot spread you see the two of Cups in good company, then romance is in the air

tarot cards about love

2 cups love tarot



In the Rider Waite Tarot deck we see a man and a woman standing in front of each other.

In the background a house is visible between the two persons.

The man touches the cup of the woman.

Where the cups touch each other, we see a caduceus with the head of a lion

2 cups2


The two snakes on the caduceus represent cosmic energy, the kundalini.

The head of the lion shows passion.

The caduceus is the staff of Hermes who was the messenger of the gods.

2 cupslovetarot min



The caduceus is also the messenger of passion and love.

The woman seems to give her cup to the man who accepts it.

The cup can be seen as the heart of both persons.

The man will also give his cup to the woman.

Love is exchanged, between both of them.

2 cups tarot for love min


The house we see on a distance between both people, shows that it is love with a future.

It’s not a once only affair.

When you look at the card you don’t see any other people or possible obstacles.

This could suggest that the romance can develop without any problems.

The Two Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The masculine and feminine parts of your self are in equilibrium. This card can also indicate self-acceptance and self-love.

  • New Partnerships
  • Marriage or proposals
  • Cooperation and coloration
  • New Agreements
  • True Love
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Commitment
  • Partnerships of any kind
Enhance Your Romance

Tarot Cards About Love - The Other Meaning

love tarot 2 cups

When you don’t see this card in a love tarot spread in a reading specifically when you are looking to have a reading with Tarot Cards About Love, you must not conclude that love will not be in your future. Tarot has many ways to say that you will find romance and love.

The 2 of cups is the most straight forward and direct card to show certainty for upcoming love.


Above is explained the two of cups from the point of view of a love tarot spread.

But the card can also represent another kind of relation between two people.

It also shows people who like each other, who have sympathy for each other and who enjoy the company of each other.

couplelove tarot 2



It can even be explained in a more spiritual way.

You could see it as the reconciliation of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Or a meeting between the Lower and the Higher Self. Though this is more the realm of the Major Arcana.

It all depends on what the person in question wants to know from the Tarot reading

tarot cards about love

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