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Guardian angel reading

Life Path Guiding Archangel

This Archangel is in charge of all Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons in your life.

A specific angel is there for you based on your Birth Date.

They want you to know that they are very proud of how you've met the challenges and lesson in your life so far.

And want to tell you about some opportunities you have coming up on the horizon (very soon)!

meet your guardian angels

Akashic Archangel

This Archangel is in charge of your Personal History...

From your Past Lives, up until the moment of your birth (known as your Akashic Records).

This angel reveals itself when you are given your full name at birth

And wants you to know that there is much about your past life that is heavily affecting what is happening for you right now.

meet your guardian angels

Guardian Archangel

This Archangel keeps watch over how you deal with Life Challenges.

It is there every time you need to overcome a particular challenge connected to love, family, or work...

Especially in times of emotional turmoil.

This angel is dedicated to look over you when your Birth Date and Birth Name were tied together.

This angel will be crucial for helping you overcome the challenges that are in your immediate future, if you can keep your bond with them strong

Your Archangels Tell You Things No One Knows

Over the last 15 years our very talented angelic connector has been channeling messages for clients. And has teamed  with master coders to bring you a accurate and personalized Guardian Angel Message.

It is your personal book of Archangels. Where everything has been faithfully recorded for you, and held in reserve for you to discover, since the day you were born!

The role of all Archangels is to oversee each angel, guardian and celestial being that is there to watch over you, guide you and make sure you are on the right path. You will meet some of those there to help you in this message. It is easier to hear them to help you, then to walk through life with them trying to tell you. It is a form of open communication. With you listening to them, it is no longer just one way communication, you know what they are saying and this makes you life so much easier in both the good and bad times.

Yes, you can. You will learn how you can communicate with them and receive messages from them, regularly.  Cathryn the connector or Angels, guides you on this easy and powerful journey for every day guidance.

guardian angel book
guardian angel reading
Guardian Angel Guide

A True Psychic Connector to Archangels will be guiding you through your Angel communication to show you your personal book of Archangels and their responsibilities towards you

Master Psychic & Angel Expert Cathryn of The My Guardian Angel Team combines her experience with technology to offer a FREE Angel introduction. Get 3 of your personal Archangel Reports. Learn how to connect more deeply with your Angels, and hear the messages sent to you weekly.


Angel Communication Expert

✓ Master Angelic Connector✓ 4th Generation Communicator✓ 17 Years of Angel Message Experience

Angel Messages

✓ 100% Personalized✓ 100% Customer Dedication✓ 100% Accurate 3 of your personal Archangel Reports

What Clients Say

Elizabeth Thompson

There were signs everywhere, I just did not know how to see them. It is all clear to me now.

Elizabeth Thompson

France, 29 y.o.
Carla Adams

I have always believed there was a guardian angel for me and I now know who they are and how to talk to them.

Carla Adams

TX, 26 y.o.
John Sauls

I have learnt so much after starting this and knowing the angel that has my back, has really helped me.

John Sauls

SC, 38 y.o.
find out who the angels are that are looking over you!

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