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7 Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You!

If you like someone and want to know if they are thinking of you, there are signs. We cover 7 psychic signs someone is thinking of you, in this article.

What Is A Psychic Sign Someone Is Thinking Of You?

Psychic signs are your own natural ability to know something and when you want to know if someone is thinking of you there are specific signs that will come to you to help you to know.

How do you know that someone is thinking about you? There are many psychic and logical ways to know. This article covers another 7 psychic signs someone is thinking of you that actually work and many people have used these very techniques.

It’s flattering to imagine someone thinking about you. There’s something comforting about knowing you’re on someone else’s mind, especially if there’s a special someone you’re hoping has you running through their head. Naturally, you’d want to know if that’s happening!

Of course, there are other reasons someone might be thinking of you. They might dislike you, or they may even have a dangerous obsession with you. In this case, you’d also want to know so that you can take steps to defend yourself.

Essentially, you’d always want to know if you’re on another person’s mind. But surely there’s no way to do that, right? After all, reading minds is the stuff of fantasy. It’s something you’d see in a superhero movie.

What if I told you that there are psychic energies that reach you whenever someone has you in their thoughts? It sounds far fetched, but it’s true! It’s possible to tell if you’re occupying someone’s mind if you know what to look for.

So lets get started

These signs will help to answer your question

1. Sneezing

This belief has its roots in Asian culture. It is stated that when someone thinks about you, your nose might start to itch, which causes repeated sneezing. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re sick at the time. But if you’ve caught a case of the “achoo’s” for no discernable reason and you don’t have a cold, you just might be the center of someone’s thoughts.

Can you tell what kinds of thoughts they are? Two sneezes in a row indicate that someone is talking negatively about you.

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For three consecutive sneezes and above, then that someone has only positive thoughts about you and might even be missing you or in love with you!

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It’s also traditional to ask someone around you to give you a random 3-digit number. This can be used to calculate the initial of the person who is causing these sneezes.

If you are given the number 735, for example, you add them together like this: 7 + 3 + 5 = 15. The 15th letter in the standard alphabet is O, so that means someone whose name starts with O is thinking of you.

Now think back to who that may be?

2. Burning Sensation In Ears of Cheek

Imagine the aftermath of a slap. Your face tingles and burns slightly. That’s the feeling you might get if someone is thinking about you and speaking badly of you – as though they are slapping you in the face, but with words.

This may also manifest more physically than a faint burning sensation. For example, you might notice that your cheeks or ears are flushed in a significant way. This doesn’t mean you look like you’re blushing cutely; it can sometimes involve a lot of redness!

If you’re not feeling embarrassed, you aren’t feeling particularly warm, and you haven’t overdone your blush to ridiculous levels, suffice to say that the burning sensation and the bright flushes are a good way to tell that someone is throwing shade your way.

Some people also believe that flushed ears alone mean that someone has feelings for you.

3. Hiccups

Getting the hiccups can be quite annoying. It’s pretty common to get them after eating, but completely random hiccups can mean that there’s someone who is thinking about you. Unfortunately, it usually means someone is badmouthing you or complaining about you, but keep your positive thinking – there’s also a way you can tell who’s thinking them!

You might notice that you tend to get hiccups when you’re around a certain person. This means that that is the person who has been talking poorly of you. Now you can confront them or steer clear of them – whichever you prefer.

Before you jump to conclusions, though, make sure you rule out these other possible causes for hiccups:

Eating in excess
Drinking in excess
Eating very quickly
Abdominal surgery
Nerve-irritating diseases

Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

4. You get a random eye itch or twitch

There is a superstition that many people believe is more than just the itching or twitching of an eye. If you suddenly find that your eyes are exhibiting this behavior, it could indicate that someone out there has you on their mind.

In men, it is believed that right-eye itches and twitches point to positive thinking about you, while in the left eye, those thoughts are negative.

This is reversed in women, so their left eye twitching indicates positivity while right-eye itches aren’t too good.

Naturally, if you’re dealing with allergies or any problems that might affect your eye, you can safely ignore this omen. Do note that stress, diet, tiredness, and other factors can lead to eye twitching, too; additionally, that some serious eye conditions can cause itching, so don’t overlook medical causes.

5. Discomfort while eating

Picture this. You’re enjoying a meal quietly by yourself. You’re not eating or rushing, so there’s no reason for anything bad to happen. You’re focused on your food and enjoying life.

Then, all of a sudden, you begin to feel like food isn’t going through down so smoothly. You might start to cough or choke, even though you were very careful. Surely this is just a weird body quirk, right?

Wrong! Look around you. There could be someone nearby who is experiencing a lot of tension, and it might be concerning you. Your body is then responding in kind to that tension and finding it difficult to swallow smoothly.

No one around you? Then it’s almost certain that you’re running through someone’s mind! They might be tense and thinking about you at that moment, causing you to feel that tension even from far away, affecting your subconscious.

6. Finding a white feather

White feathers are very touching symbols. They typically turn up after you have lost someone you care about. It’s difficult dealing with someone you love passing away, but if you come across a white feather, you can rest easy.

These feathers symbolize the fact that the one you’ve lost is in a better place and is thinking of you while they are there. They are trying to send you a calming message so that you no longer worry about them. They are telling you that they are watching over you and want you to be happy.

7. Feeling unexplained physical touch

Do you ever just suddenly feel like someone is touching you, but you turn around and no one’s there? It’s definitely a rather concerning feeling and it can make you anxious and worried about the paranormal. Don’t worry, though, as there’s an explanation!

If someone is thinking about you very, very strongly, their thoughts could manage to transmit a message to you that manifests in a manner similar to physical contact. It’s a type of telepathic contact that means the person in question has very intense thoughts towards you.

Are these thoughts positive or negative? There’s no sure way to tell, but sometimes you may get a certain vibe from these touches that informs you of them. For example, a pleasant touch might be from a loved one or someone who has feelings for you. Meanwhile, a creepy touch might be from someone who is angry at you or sad about you.

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Because we all need to know if there are psychic signs that someone is thinking of you, and there are many psychic signs that someone is thinking of you. We hope you enjoyed this article and video about the 7 psychic signs someone is thinking of you

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