Love Tarot and The Strength Card

Love Tarot and The Strength Card

The Strength Card In Love Tarot

In a love tarot and the Strength card reading often refers to the wild and passionate sides of our selves. In a love Tarot reading, the Strength card can indicate an energized relationship, that can be fiery and exciting. This relationship is based on strong bonds and, although temperaments can fly, strong unions can help make this relationship a lasting one.

Love Tarot and The Strength Card

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Traditionally, the love tarot and the Strength card refers to your inner strength that develops through the mastering of your unconscious impulses. The Strength Tarot card reminds us to balance our higher thinking processes with our primal drives. In Tarot reading, the Strength card represents the use of power without force. Inner harmony is achieved by integrating both the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind. Instead of battling your inner “beast”, you master it and use it as a source of strength. The Strength Tarot card proves that although we can experience our innate drives, we do not have to be ruled by them.

The Strength Tarot is Compassion

In a Love Tarot reading, the Strength Tarot card can refer to compassion. In this regard, couples are more likely to flourish with acts of compassion rather that dominance. You may find that you are more likely to get your needs met if you are conscious of meeting your partners needs. Common attributes of the Strength card include diplomacy, neutrality and kindness. Should the Strength card come up in a love Tarot reading it usually urges you to take caution for potential explosive behavior or demands. You will get much farther with gentility.

In matters of love, the Strength Tarot card also refers to sexuality, attraction and vitality. The Strength card can indicate a new relationship that could be extremely passionate. This relationship may help you become aware of your own sexuality. If you are single expect a lot of flirtation and attraction between you and those you may desire.

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