Love Tarot and The Star Card

Love Tarot and The Star Card

The Star Card In Love Tarot

In a love tarot and the Star card reading is a card of hope and optimism. The Star tarot card is a symbol of inspiration and faith. It always appears when there is new opportunities to follow your dreams or desires. The Star is also represents renewal and healing, so if you have been recovering from a painful relationship, relief is soon to come.

Love Tarot and The Star Card

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Traditionally, love tarot and the Star card is a reminder to look to your own intuition (or inner light) for guidance and encouragement. The Star is also a symbol for divine light, universal knowledge or the higher mind. In a tarot reading the Star serves as an invitation to once again connect to the Divine Spirit. She urges you to draw on all of your resources to reach your fullest potential. Most importantly, she is there to remind you not to lose hope.

In the love tarot and the Star card can be indicative of mended relationships. If you have been in a struggling relationship, things may take a turn for the better. Regardless of your relationship’s current struggles, you can work through your obstacles with commitment and willingness.

If you have recently had a break up or are still recovering from an older one, it’s important you give yourself the time and space to heal. Sometimes the best approach is to become your own star and practice behaviors that build your esteem and confidence back up. This time might be just for you. Take it as an opportunity to find inner peace and balance and know, that if you seek another relationship, you will find a new partner. In many ways the Star is a promise that you have the capacity to fulfill your desires and goals.

The Star Can Mean A Lasting Relationship

If you are single or are embarking on a new relationship, the Star tarot card often indicates a love relationship based on a spiritual connection. Expect some butterflies as this relationship has the potential to be long lasting. If you have had bad relationships experiences in the past, a new one could be extremely healing.

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