Love Tarot and The Judgement Card

Love Tarot and The Judgement Card

The Judgement Card In Love Tarot

When a love tarot and the Judgement card appears in a tarot reading, you should start to take a good look at your past actions and behaviors. This is the time to analyze and carefully review your progress. When it comes to questions about love, the same principles apply. In a love tarot reading, the Judgment tarot card asks you to take a good look at your relationship and determine if it is living up to your expectations.

Love Tarot and The Judgement Card

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Traditionally, the love tarot and the Judgement card refers to the fact that an important part of the journey has been completed. In this respect, a transformation has occurred. There is a new level of maturity and awareness. With this new awareness comes a greater sense of responsibility. The Judgment tarot card proposes that you are accountable for your past actions and choices. The ultimate goal is to learn from your experiences in order to achieve the world (the next and final card in the major arcana).

In a love tarot reading, the Judgment card often calls for the evaluation of a relationship’s status. Is the relationship working or not? Do you continue to grow closer as a couple or are you living separate lives emotionally? This represents a crucial stage in any relationship. There needs to be honest and open communication. Both partners need to evaluate whether or not their needs are getting met and if they feel their relationship warrants more investment to bring it fruition. Relationships will either transform or fall apart. If a relationship does fall apart, the Judgment card can indicate that there are new beginnings in the near future. Chances are you won’t be single for long.

The Judgement Cards Makes You Evaluate Relationships

On a personal level, whether you are either single or in a relationship, you have the opportunity to look at how you do relate and attach to romantic partners. When the Judgment tarot card appears in a love tarot reading, there is usually a need to re-examine your past and present relationships. It’s important to understand what you want in a relationship. It’s also equally important to understand the qualities you don’t want in a relationship.

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