Does He Love Me?

does he love me

9 Things A Guy Will Do If He Really Is Genuine And in Love!

Does he love me? Is this the question that you often ask yourself? In this ever-changing world, there are many different types of relationships. And the person you are dating may not be the person you think they are. There is nothing better in life than when you are certain and secure in your relationship and you know each other. When you know someone is genuine and loves you and loves you for you and no other reason.

For example, how would you feel if your partner was with you because he can’t get anyone else? Or that he lives with you because he is financially broke? Or it could be because he wants to stay close to your girlfriend’s!
Yes all the above really do happen. This is where both your own psychic intuition and your life experience come into play.

does he love me and how

Here are 9 powerful signs that he really is genuine and not using you for his own advantage.

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1. He won’t force you

he respects your choices

He will never push you into doing things you don’t want to do. He will respect your choices. Your point of view and what makes you happy or unhappy.

2. He listens to you

he listens to you

He will listen to you. He will value your opinion and what you have to say. A genuine interest in your point of view shows he respects you.

3. He wants you to grow

he wants you to grow

He is happy for you to develop as a person. He would never cut you down and frown upon you for learning a new skill or starting a new hobby or making new friends. He’ll want to genuinely take care of you.

4. He Is There For You

he is there for you

This could show itself in various ways. Maybe this means just lying next to you at night and sensing when you want that extra cuddle. Or as he sees someone is abusing your trust or good nature he will be your champion and not allow you to be vulnerable or abused.

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5. He likes to touch you

he likes to touch you

He likes to gently touch and embrace you. Intimate physical contact is like a reassuring bond. Sometimes the very best thing in life is a good old-fashioned hug.

6. He sends you messages

he sends you messages

He will send you little messages to say how much he cares. This is not to be confused with sending a barrage of stalking text messages. This may take the form of a the words I love you sent for no special reason.
Or a post-it note placed on the fridge with a great big kiss.

7. He supports you

he supports you

He will be there for you in a crisis whether you are having a hard time emotionally or physically. Maybe you are unwell, or because of an operation or medical procedure. He will be there for you. He will be concerned and try to remain positive and supportive.

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8. He understands you

he understands you

He will respect how you feel and try to see the world through your eyes. Not everybody sees things the same way. Your point of view is just as important as his and he should respect that.

9. He loves you for you

he loves you for you

He will love you just the way you are. We are all human.
We have our faults and defects and we have fantastic good points too. He will love you and show he loves you. You are equal but different and he should never ever have a problem with that.

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9 Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

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Does He Love Me? 9 Things a Guy Will Do if He REALLY is Genuine And In Love!

Does He Love Me? 9 Things a Guy Will Do if He REALLY is Genuine And In Love!

Does He Love Me? 9 Things a Guy Will Do if He REALLY is Genuine And In Love!