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Love Spells

Love Spells

Everyone Needs A Little Help And A Spell For Love, Obsession Or Anything Else Helps A Lot

love spell
love spell

At the Love Tarot we believe in white magic and work with our own in-house psychics as well as our friends in the esoteric community to bring you spells for not only love, but al areas of our lives

For an overnight miracle

Bring Magic into your Live With A Love Spell

magic spells

Magic Love Spell

Get an eternal love and attraction spell, with a spell cast for you by a high priestess

magic spells

Magic Spells You Cast

Want the power the master spell casters have? Here are their spells books for Love, Money, Power, Protection, Healing and so much more

magic spells

Third Eye Help

When It Comes To Experiencing The Benefits And Advantages That Exist Within The Metaphysical World, Opening The Third Eye Is The First Step...

magic spells

Love Spells and More

Try to imagine how a Complete Spell Handbook can facilitate your life. Well this is it!

moon love spells

Moon Love Spells

A spell book for love and romance. Moon spells for romance: Magic influences desired outcomes, empowers, and fosters growth. Begin this process with spells for love: spells that create the potential for love, draw the attention and devotion of a lover, strengthen the union between an existing couple, invoke sexual magic, heal a broken heart, and fill your own heart with love and compassion for yourself.

wealth spell

Wealth Spell

Wealth Spell by Priestess Alice Manifest wealth with her powerful spells

desire spell

Power Ritual Desire Spell

Create Your Personal "Power Ritual" With A Magickal Twist. Take This quiz,, and out pops is a simple spell perfectly "tuned" for your desire.

spells system

Simple Spellcasting System

Uncover 3 secret "Magick Keys" anybody can use to cast Magick spells that actually work, without any hard to find ingredients or tools.

at home magic

Mastering The Magick At Home

Unusual secrets you can use to cast powerful Magick spells that actually bring results

Many of our friends in the esoteric community are very talented in their skill and craft. To show you how good they are at their craft, they want to offer you free readings, guides and reports or if some are not free, they are for a very minimal fee.  

Explore and learn more about yourself with one or more of these readings.  You will not be disappointed and don’t you want to know?


Free Love Tarot Reading

FREE Tarot Readings

Love, compatibility, future, fortune and more

Natal Chart Reading

FREE Birth Chart, Natal & Astrology Readings

Select any one of the Birth Chart, Natal Chart & Astrology readings, including east/west, partner reading, celebrity, astro tarot, Chinese astrology, moon readings and more

numerology reading

Free Numerology Readings

Select any one of our Numerology readings to learn more about your life path

Manifestation Reading


Manifest the life you want with one of our carefully selected and proven to work manifestation guides

Psychic Abilities

Do You Have Psychic Abilities

Take a quiz and find out. Enhance and grow your abilities with courses and more

soulmate drawings

Soulmate Drawings

Do you wonder what your future spouse will look like, or your first born? Take a soulmate drawing and see for yourself

love and dating

Love, Dating & Relationship Advice

Improve your chances of finding love or if you have found love make the love even that much better with unique dating ideas, love quizes and more

love spells

Love Spells

White Magic Love Spells always help to bring love and happiness into our lives. From the top spell casters, see what spell will help you the best

Learn tarot

Learn Tarot

Learn from the top tarot readers, in easy to understand instructions and more.

Palm Reading

FREE Readings & Guides

Looking for a different type of free reading or guide, such as the Mayan Calendar Reading, Your Biorhythm for Success or a Palm Reading, you will find these and more

All  Readings

All Readings, Reports & Guides

Go to the comprehensive readings, reports and guides page and select from over 110 to guide you and answer your questions

Available Readings
Daily Readings
love spell
Love Tarot Blog

Most Popular Articles

Your questions in the Affairs of the heart are answered in our many blog posts. Compiled from questions our many clients have asked. Read and enjoy.

The Love Tarot articles include quizzes, stories and answers, a must to visit!

Love Tarot

Tarot Card Lovers

For tarot card lovers, each article offers great insights to all areas of the affairs of the heart.

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Free Love Tarot Reading
Your Love Life Will Be Revealed