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Next, you will be asked personal questions to tailor the reading to you personally.   

The reading will reveal your life path and what is in store for you.

A powerful reading that reveals a  book of secret knowledge written just for you

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✔️ Imagine what it would be like if you had a magic book; A book of secret knowledge written just for you that showed you where to find fulfillment and success in life. … what would that be worth to you

✔️ You will be asked what your biggest challenges are so you can have help overcoming them

✔️ Accurate as the reading uses your birth numbers

Numerology Readings

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Past - Present - Future



Your life path of the past makes us what we are today.



Where are you in your journey

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Live your ideal life but uncovering what is in store for you

I'll Tell You Things No One Knows

Over the last 12 years, the most talented of numerologist have worked with master coders to bring you an accurate and personalized numerology reading.

You will get your own personalized Numerology Video Report now and see yourself in a way that you never have before

The 100% Personalized Video reveals your Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge Numbers to show you:

  • The deep desires you might be ignoring (and how you can finally get them)
  • How to stop the struggle and start to live easily and effortlessly
  • Secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to leverage them)
  • Powerful insights into your character and the unique way you relate to others
  • Upcoming challenges and unexplored opportunities that are waiting for you

Yes, 26 personalized and deeply-revealing secrets about who you really are in 60+ pages of detailed readings based on your name and date of birth.

Numerology Session

A True Love Tarot Psychic Who Will Be Guiding You Through Your Love Tarot Numerology Reading

Master Numerologist & Love Tarot Expert Eva Mystic of The Master School of Numerology combines her experience with technology to offer a FREE Personalized Numerology Reading on Video.

Numerology Reading Guide

Eva’s understanding of the numbers and their meanings is your assurance that you are guided on your true path, either in a free or more concise paid reading.


Numerology Expert

✓ Master Numerologist✓ 2nd Generation Clairvoyant✓ 32 Years of Numerology Experience

Numerology Reading

✓ 100% Personalized✓ 100% Customer Dedication✓ 100% Accurate True Numerology Reading

What Clients Say

Most people do not share their Numerology Report, most people do not tell others that they have this secret guide. Our clients are so happy with their report they are happy to share their thoughts with you.

Numerology Reading Review

When something as personal as a numerology reading is recommended to others, you know it must be good.  These three clients are living the happier love life and guidance from their reading and happy to provide their comments in this Numerology Reading Review.  Each of them told us they hope other clients gain such valuable insight and advice that gives them a new perspective as they have gotten from their Numerology Reading.

Natalie Trist

I’m truly grateful for a wonderful consultation. Your interpretation was hopeful and inspirational.  

Natalie Trist

Boston, 26 y.o.
Grace Korrs

My numerology reading was amazing. It is right on the mark and I understand so much more now.  

Grace Korrs

Boston, 38 y.o.
Keith Scotts

This has helped me in so many ways, I have used this to make decisions and things have worked out. 

Keith Scotts

Boston, 32 y.o.
find out what the numers will reveal about you!

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