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✔️ Its’s FREE to receive your life path information

✔️ Get your own personalized birth chart, a “photograph” of all the positions of the planets, during your exact moment of birth, oriented to the approximate location of where you were born

✔️ Reveal a great deal of insights about your true cosmic self

✔️ Receive a Mini Astrology Reading, to understand how the planets have an effect on your every day life

✔️ Receive guidance to understand what this means to you and more

Natal Readings

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natal chart

Life Path - Astrology - Future

natal chart

Life Path

Your astrology chart (or birth chart), is a "photograph" of all the positions of the planets, during your exact moment of birth, oriented to the approximate location of where you were born.

And as the planets shift and move through the course of time, they pass through each of the twelve astrological signs, creating cosmic waves, energies, and influences that impact your life.

So if you experience sudden changes or unexpected events that manifest in the form of change, challenges, or uncertainty - it's all connected with these energies

You will learn what all of this means to you!

Natal Chart Reading

Astrology Reading

Astrology isn't as straightforward as others think, especially when we dive deeper into your astrology chart.

Understand what all of this means, the planets, moon and your rising signs and how they affect your life, what you go through and your experiences.

Your chart reveals Your Cosmic Transition Period For Luck And Abundance

What influences affect you, negative influences cause you to miss these valuable opportunities almost entirely.

Find out when opportunities are coming your way. And major turning points take place...

Understand how your Ascendant sign, or Rising sign, reveals your soul's natural defenses. How you cope with challenges and everyday issues, how you mask your true personality, how you react to new people and new situations... These are all revealed in your Ascendant sign.

and so much more...

natal chart reading


Receive guidance on what is in store. This will help you to prepare for the good and the not so good.

Your destiny can be overflowing with abundance across multiple aspects of your life - a rewarding and purpose-driven career, meeting the love of your life, and unimaginable new experiences.And you could be in the most fortunate position to receive all of this into your life.

I'll Tell You Things No One Knows

Over the last 15 years a master astrologist has worked with master coders to bring you an accurate and personalized natal reading. You get to see your reading online in only a matter of minutes.

You will get a personalized  email, customized by your birthdate, and time if you have it, gender, marital status, occupation, your desire, location and more. In the online reading, right before your eyes, you get a your personalized astrology reading – your own Natal Personality Report. Then you receive details about your reading, and show you, your actual astrology chart. The a mini astrology reading explaining how the sun, moon, rising, planets and more affect you and it is all in your chart to understand. Finally, you get guidance from your information.

Understand what is happening right now, what is coming in the future, what obstacles have planets have withheld you and what has helped you. You get an insight to what is happening in which area of your life.

There is an opportunity to get a more in depth private Natal Chart Reading and Natal Personality Report. You can receive the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate astrology reading of your entire life. A comprehensive document to guide you through incredible periods. Plus more, here is what is in store if you want a true in depth reading. 

» Personalized Natal Personality Report For Purpose, Love, & Abundant
» Astrology Awakening Guide
» Numerology Elevation Guide
» Consciousness Codex
» Ritual Healing Guide
» Tarot and Divination Chronicles

natal chart reading
natal chart
Natal Chart Session

A True Astrologist Will Be Guiding You Through Your Life Path Reading

Master Astrologist Jules of The Individualist Natal Chart Team combines her experience with technology to offer a FREE Natal Chart reading, both online and by email. Right in front of you, you get your own chart prepared and explained to you in only a few minutes.

Accurate To You Only

Your birth details and your name are requested when you start this reading.  

Your Map Of Your Life Path

You have two versions to select, the free version which gives you an overview and is very informative or upgrade and get a full guide to what is in store for you, and know what you can expect throughout your life. This helps you to plan and guide your decisions.

The Edge Of Control Over Your Life Very Few Have

When faced with decisions in your life, face them with the guide that already knows what is in store for you, then you can chose right.  Afterball, it is the decisions you make in your life that affect the rest of your life. This alone is invaluable.


Natal Chart Expert

✓ Master Astrologist✓ 3rd Generation Numerologist and Astrologist✓ 18 Years of Astrology Experience

Natal Chart Reading

✓ 100% Personalized✓ 100% Customer Dedication✓ 100% Accurate Birth Chart Reading

What Clients Say

Most people are secretive about their personal Natal Chart Reading, but some of our clients are so amazed with their chart they are very happy to help us out and share their thoughts.

Natal Chart Reading Reviews

We asked our clients to provide an honest review of their natal chart reading.   Each one has changed their life based on the information outlined in their chart because they can see the future ahead and the one they want for their life.  Especially when it comes to love in their life that is everlasting.

Olivia Holmes

Surprised is an understatement! For a free reading, I got so much information and value

Olivia Holmes

UT, 29 y.o.
Emma Wright

My reading explained a lot to me, and I saw my natal chart with the alignment of the planets. Very excited by the information I received

Emma Wright

VT, 24 y.o.
Robert Taylor

To see what affects you and help you with decisions in your life, this was invaluable.

Robert Taylor

WI, 32 y.o.
find out what the universe will reveal about you!

Unlock The Life Path Secrets Of Your Life

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