3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers

3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers

Looking for spiritual guidance on matters of love? Try this unique three card tarot spread aptly named ‘Love Life’.

3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers

When starting on a 3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers specifically, it is good to start by saying that our love lives are probably the most complicated emotional aspects of living we are faced with as human beings. There is no text book on how to have a successful love life but this reading can offer some form of spiritual guidance.

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The Three Card Spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads in use today. Its beauty lies within its simplicity. It is incredibly effective at highlighting the energy of your past, present and future. This is one of the most dynamic tarot spreads that can be used in a tarot reading to evaluate any number of questions.

This tarot spread has been designed to provide spiritual guidance and advice on three main aspects of our love lives, which include Love, Lust and Longevity.

Are you looking for spiritual balance in your love life? Do you want a quick prediction about your past, present and future? Or, perhaps you are looking for guidance on a pressing concern or question about your romance? The great thing about the Three Card Tarot Spread is that it allows you to have the flexibility to explore the outcome of just about any situation.

Free Love Tarot Reading

What you get out of this reading strongly depends on your current situation. If one card doesn’t mean anything to you in your current situation it simply means you don’t need any help in that area and you should move on to the next card in the reading.

You can get creative with the 3 Card Tarot Love Spread and place the cards in whatever pattern appeals to you. You may also change the context of the reading and get as imaginative as you want.

Below are some examples of how this spread can be used and changed according to the needs of your particular situation.

3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers min

When it comes to love, specifically, the three cards could be used as:

Card Number 1: Love

This card covers the topic of love in the general sense of the term. It offers guidance and spiritual advice on how to find, enhance or manage your love life. It can also provide some insight into possible future love affairs that could be waiting to be ignited.

Card Number 2: Lust

Often lust precedes love in many relationships. Physical attraction may not be as powerful a feeling as love itself but it comes in a close second place. This card addresses our sexual desires which may or may not progress into love.

Card Number 3: Longevity

Finding love is difficult but staying in love can be even more difficult. If you are in a stable relationship and need some spiritual guidance on how to make your love last and stand the test of time this is the card that will have most relevance to you.

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Free Love Tarot Reading

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