16 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

If you are looking to get the attention of a guy, there are a few things you can do that will have him noticing you in no time.

Call it our little bag of tricks.

Not every thing on our list will have a guy like or notice you because every guy is different. However they are all worth a try to see which one does work.

It is true to say though that a girl doesn’t have to try too hard to impress a guy.

In fact, guys are visual and if they like what they see, then the girl did not have to try hard at all.

It turns out, there are many cute things girls do that guys love, and knowing about these things may also help you get the attention you are looking for and improve your relationship.

Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

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1. Saying His Name

say his name

When a guy hears his name said by his girl, he just loves it.

  • A girl can say his name while they are out.
  • During those intimate moments with the two of you together.
  • When you whisper words in his ear for only him.
  • When you are asking him for help.
    The first thing you say when you see him and the last thing you say when you leave him.

Guys love it. It means that you are constantly on his mind, and you think of him. You remember him enough that you refer to him a lot. And just to hear his name said by you is enough to make him secretly giddy inside.

2. Biting Her Lips

Biting Her Lips

Lip-biting has been a girls flirting tool for a long time and there’s something about it that makes a guy notice her. If a girl has a habit of biting her lips unconsciously. It is another natural sign of her being her.
But using it as a flirting tool, shows the guy that the girl really likes him and can be used in a shy way or hint in a seductive way.
Either way, it will have him fall in love with her – all over again.

3. Same interests

Same interests

Guys love it when they find a girl who likes what they like and they have similar interests. Guys love it even more when they find fun-loving and adventurous girls who love to try many things. So when a guy finds a girl who is interested in sports and video games, this drives men crazy! The same can be said for outdoor sports, camping, or just getting away for the weekend. When a girl joins in and shows support, guys find it adorable.

4. The Way She Gets Scared

The Way She Gets Scared

Girls are more independent then they have ever been. This is why guys find it cute when they get scared over some things.
Such as a bug or any creepy crawly. Guys are happy to kill a spider for a girl or a cockroach, in order show that he is not afraid and came to her rescue.
Or walk her back to her car at night, so she is not alone. Guys like it when a girl is afraid sometimes, because it allows them to step up and be their protector.

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5. Bedhead

bed head

To a guy who sees a girl that has bedhead or scruffy hair, it shows her natural side and to him this is when she is most vulnerable. For a guy, there’s something incredibly cute and alluring about a girl who can look good with bedhead. Most guys find this absolutely irresistible.

He loves to see you in your most polished and beautiful self in public but when the two of you are together and you are natural, he loves this side of you that you share with him.

6. The Natural Look

natural look

There are trends in make up when sometimes wearing no make up at all is in and other times when wearing vibrant colors are in. Some girls feel that wearing make up highlights the better characteristics of their face and highlights their cheek bones or lips.

Did you know that guys actually find a girls natural look, SO cute, and even irresistible! It is true that guys do love when a girl dresses up and looks glamorous. And he is proud to take her out when she is dressed to impress.

But guys also really appreciate it when a girl doesn’t wear any makeup and goes natural and is also comfortable around him. It shows that she can be herself, look amazing and is confident in herself.

7. Laughing and being happy


No one likes grumpy, unhappy and miserable. Guys are naturally attracted to a happy girl. If she constantly and naturally smiles and laughs, he is mesmerized by her. Even the odd giggle will work.
Being happy and laughing is also good for her soul. He wants to be with her because she is always happy, smiling and laughing. When a girl has free-spirited laugh that lights up your face is contagious, guys find it irresistible.

Being happy, smiling and laughing is an instant ice breaker for a guy, and he will want to be involved in everything that you find enlightening and pleasing.

8. Playing With Her Hair

Playing With Her Hair

Have you ever twirled a wisp of hair around your fingers? Or brushed it off your shoulders.
Even if you are walking and your hair is naturally swirling around your body. It is a sign of health and vitality and it is for this reason that a guy sees this and goes crazy, it is kind of a magical attraction.
Guys are mesmerized by a girl full of vitality an this is not more obvious by her beautiful locks.

If a girl plays with her hair in a kind of flirty way, guys see this as a sign of interest. So whether the girl is twirling her locks or her hair behind her ears, it is not only cute, but also very graceful and feminine, too. If a girl subconsciously plays with her hair, it is a sign that she likes the guy and she is trying to make herself more appealing to him.
It is an attraction magnet.

9. Reaching For Something

Reaching For Something

To get something that is out of their reach, girls usually have to stretch and often get up on their toes, especially if what they want what is high up. This is something all guys find cute, and will stop everything to just watch a girl do just that!
Believe it or not, guys will take their sweet time before helping, because they’re admiring the view.

10. High Heels

High Heels

Since we are on the subject of using your toes to stretch.
Guys love looking at a girls legs when she is wearing high heals.
A girls legs appear longer, tighter and it emphasizes her tushie. She also seems taller. Guys go crazy at looking at girls legs when they wear high heels.

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11. Wearing A Baseball Cap

Wearing A Baseball Cap

When a girl has her own hat, and wears it properly, with the baseball hat forward. Guys find it cute. Sometimes thought, a girl may look little awkward in her cap, but that’s probably what makes it so cute.

12. Wearing Glasses

Wearing Glasses

The right pair of glasses on a girl can really get her the right attention.
Many guys not only find it cute but also sexy when they see a girl wearing glasses that really suit her. Different guys see different things in a girl wearing glasses.
They may have a fantasy about that girl, such as they like the geeky intelligent look, the teacher fantasy, or that the girl is really just attractive and the glasses highlight this.

A girl can use the glasses as a tool to flirt. When you see a guy looking at you, and you like him, move your glasses down your nose and look over them at him. Then smile. This is a great ice breaker and he can’t resist coming to talk to you. If you are in a relationship, do the same thing with your glasses, and your guy will be compelled to kiss you.

13. Wearing His Clothes

Wearing His Clothes

When a girl wears her guys clothes, such as a t-shirt, shirt or even a jacket. Guys absolutely love it. Not only do girls look absolutely adorable in his over-sized clothes, but, to a guy, the girl looks really hot.
This is because there is another connection here. It shows that she likes your taste in clothing, so much that she wants to wear it.
To a girl, it shows that there is a sense of safety and security. To a guy he feels proud that he can give that to her. A strong sense of caring. Guys love seeing their girlfriend walking around and hanging out in his clothes.
It also means that they’re both comfortable around each other.

14. Cooking


Food is the way to a mans heart. Nothing can be more true then inviting a guy over to a home cooked meal. To him it shows him that you have the ability to care for him and considered him enough to show off your skills and want to give him a good meal.
Even if the girl cooks a simple meal, it is the spending time together and taking the time to prepare that he appreciates and it tells him that it shows her affection to him.

15. Big Eyes


You see this in your favorite dog or cat, they have these big eyes and you just can’t not adore them.

The same way a guy sees a girl. If first thing in the morning she wakes up and is wrapped in a blanket with those sleepy, vulnerable lost look in her eyes. Most guys will agree this is a look they love and think girls look exceptionally cute.
This is a sight a guy loves about in a girl each time, and will not grow old through the entire relationship.

16. Hugs


Many tough guys will say they don’t hug. But the truth to the matter is guys love holding a girl in his arms. The more he is madly in love with her, the more he looks forward to holding her. It gives her a sense of security and him the protector. This is the one thing that both build a strong connection with.

There are many different types of ways to hug or cuddle. Whether she wraps herself around his neck when she sees him, lays across his lap while watching a movie, or uses his entire body as a source of heat in bed. He loves that she wants to be close to him and it makes him feel good.

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Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

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17 Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love