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You Could Be!

Understanding that you have special powers may be the one thing that can change the the world for you, you can learn how to see things differently and heighten your abilities above all others.

How To Tell If You Are Psychic

Do you often ask yourself, Am I Psychic? There are 4 signs that you may have psychic abilities, it is all based around your Aura. Learn how to tap into the Aura and recognize the signs then work to enhance your psychic abilities. There are other ways to tell as well. Another psychic will also pick up that you have abilities and if you family has a history of psychic abilities, chances are you have those too.

4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Psychic Abilities Today

Write This Magic Word

D o you wonder sometimes, Am I Psychic? There are 4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Psychic Abilities Today

Start tuning in to your psychic ability and start to see and understand more.

With a little practice you will improve your psychic ability and start to see a lot more and a lot easier.

It all starts with Aura and Chakras and it is our invisible Energy

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1. What is the Aura

We are surrounded by an electrometric field, filled with constantly changing color, and reflecting our state of well-being known as the Aura. Although not all people can see the aura, most can feel or discern its different energies. A psychic, which by the way can be all of us, is sensitive to such energy. We are all capable of reading signals at a sub-conscious level. The conscious mind does a wonderful job of transmitting messages into tangible information that we might not always comprehend.

‘Danger’, would be a good example to explain sensing ‘invisible’ energy. A person could be walking alone and know someone is following them simply by picking up on their aura. Have you ever discriminated that someone was telling you a direct lie even though they seemed to be telling the truth? If so then you were picking up the vibrational signal from their aura.

The first layer of vibrations in the aura is known as the Etheric. An exact replica of the physical body, the etheric acts like a vibration sieve. With practice, it can be easily seen as a white/blue shadow following the contours of the body.

Ever-changing color and light extending out about a meter, and reflecting our mood and emotions is the second layer known as the Emotional.

The band filled with thought wave patterns, flowing in and out of the other layers is the Mental.

Negative thoughts have an aftermath on your emotional state, which in turn have a consequence on your health and happiness.

Comparable to fingerprints, no two auras are the same. Individuals resonate to a unique vibration. Different people may or may not have a frequency comparable to you; this is why we connect easier to some and not others. It is always possible to adjust, and change to fit and harmonize.

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2. Seeing the Aura

Oh to be like an innocent child once again! Notice how children paint people and animals strange colors such as green or purple. This is because that is what they see. Seeing the aura is a natural ability adults have forgotten about over time just like the sixth sense. I wonder if some cave drawings are of beings with haloes. Did people actually see golden haloes around the heads of spiritual leaders, saints and masters such as Jesus?

My young nephew was about four at the time we witnessed two men fighting. One man was promptly led away when he asked, “Where did they take the red man Aunt?”

Perceiving color and chakra knowledge is a wonderful way to develop your healing and psychic skills. If you wish to develop your sixth sense then the vibrations of color are perfect for this job.

A simple exercise is to have a friend stand against a plain wall in a dim light. All you have to do is look at them while keeping focus. You will eventually see a misty white/blue shadow starting to form around them.

am I psychic

3. Chakras and the Aura

Chakra originated from the Sanskrit or Ancient Indian language and signifies ‘wheel’. Usually invisible to the human eye and vibrating at a rapid pace, their function is to take in universal life force. Important for healthy functioning of the aura and in turn the body and mind, the energy taken through each chakra is sent to the part of the body closest to it.

We have several hundred chakra points. It is generally accepted that there are seven predominant chakras in the Etheric Body, which are connected to the Endocrine Glands in the physical body.

Each of the seven fundamental chakras reflect a color of the rainbow.

Organs, sensory functions, parts of the body and the metabolic process all relate to specific chakras. Personal growth, consciousness and evolution all revolve around these spinning wheels of life.

Flourishing and balanced chakras are important for healthy functioning of our aura. Feeling positive and in touch with our emotions indicates our chakras are open and bright. Negative emotions cause them to be dull and sluggish. The spinning action slows and the body weakens, allowing for disease to enter.

Chakras can be balanced for optimum health and well-being.

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4. Colors of the Aura

The following is a brief and general description of the different colors in the aura.

RED: A moderate amount of red indicates a healthy assertiveness, vitality, good blood circulation and sexuality, especially when this color is in the lower part of the body. When there is an overpowering amount of red or if it is higher in the body then there may be anger, too much heat or high blood pressure.

ORANGE: This is a color of optimism and busy bees. A healthy appetite is indicated when a person has a lot of orange in their aura. When orange vibrates across the middle of the body then the person should have healthy lungs, intestines, kidneys, liver and gall.

YELLOW: This color stimulates an active mind and activates the intellect when seen around the head area. It will indicate a good degree of confidence around the middle of the body. A moderate amount of yellow indicates firm muscles, a strong nervous system and a degree of discipline and responsibility.

GREEN: There are many shades of greens. The fresh green of nature has a very calming and healing color displaying a healthy metabolism, whereas khaki could indicate dishonesty.

PINK: Soft and spiritual, pink has sweetness and is the color of love. A balanced amount of pink displays a healthy self-love and love of other’s. Emotional outburst and over-sensitivity is the result of too much pink over-riding other colors.

LILAC: Sentimental and spiritual, this person can cry and laugh easily.

LIGHT BLUE: Manifests intuition, good eye sight, and hearing. It is especially good to see lots of light blue in the upper part of the body. Blue has an antiseptic effect to calm and cool. People with lots of blue tell the truth and have a faith in tomorrow.

INDIGO/DEEP BLUE: When this color appears then this person should enjoy a good night’s sleep, have the ability to relax easily and meditate. This is a low physical energy color just like violet. Indigo is an elevated spiritual energy when seen high in the body or over the crown. Excessive indigo implies a slow metabolism, thick blood and when lower in the body, period trouble, clots, blockages, fears and obsessions.

VIOLET: Soothing and tranquillizing, this color exhibits a great deal of spiritual growth and psychic activity. People with violet are non-violent, airy fairy, laid back or lazy if it over powers other colors.

ULTRA VIOLET: A great deal of spiritual protection.

GOLD: Color of glory; these people have the right attitude and wisdom. They forgive easily and accept change. Sometimes gold is seen around the outline of the person’s guides when they are of a higher vibration.

SILVER: Reflection and connection to the stars.

DIRTY DARK COLORS or BLACK AND GREY: Points to blockage, low energy, illness, toxic substances such as tobacco and drugs .

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Am I psychic is a question that many people ask when they know there is something there but they are just not sure. Being psychic covers a wide arrange of possibilities and answering the question, Am I Psychic, may be as simple as focusing in on why you think you may have psychic abilities. But answering the question, Am I Psychic, can be simple if you do focus on your Aura as a sure quick and easy sign that you may be. I do have clients who do ask the question, Am I Psychic, and my answer to them is to recommend this post but also then lead them down to discovering their psychic abilities. What is the point of just wondering if you actually have these magical powers. Am I psychic is a great starter question when visiting a psychic, especially for a reading. The read may even pick up that you are.

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