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10 Ways How To Make Him Miss You

Proven Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

There is a new man in your life and you want the relationship to grow stronger. There are 10 ways to make him miss you that are proven to work and these tricks are sure to make your man miss you like never before.

They even work if you have been dating for married for years.

How To Make A Guy Miss You

If you like this man and you think to yourself, How To Make A Guy Miss You? Then there are the sure ways to do so.

10 Ways How To Make Him Miss You

H ere are the 10 Proven Ways On How To Make Him Miss You Badly

10 Ways How To Make Him Miss You

1. Deliberately leave things behind

Leaving behind a note or an earring will constantly remind him of you.

Every very time he sees it in his house or car he will momentarily think of you and all the great things you’ve done together.

10 Ways How To Make Him Miss You

2. Other Interest

Show a bit of interest in someone or something else.

Men hate competitors especially if he’s interested in you

If you’re dating casually hint at wanting to hang out with someone else.

If you’re married hint at loving to spend time at the pottery studio or in the garden just don’t overdo it
A bit of jealousy should be done in moderation

how to make a guy miss you

3. Make Him Wait

Strangely enough there are a lot of health benefits to being in love.

You are both happier, more attuned to your feelings, look forward to meeting up again to get that hit of love.

A man in love will not only want to look his best for you, but he will also be looking great. His whole persona, the way he walks, and the way he looks will change. It may only be you that sees it because he will behave differently around you, but he is proud to be with you and wants you to feel the same way.

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ways to make him miss you

4. Take things slow

If you notice that your man wants to move things along quickly, take it slow. Let him invest more time to get to know you.

Giving him the chance to slow things down will mean letting him slowly discover all your beautiful qualities.

This will keep him on his toes eager to see you more often so he can uncover more.

ways to make him miss you

5. Give yourself a makeover

Dress in a way that’ll make him want to hold on to you for a little longer while on that dance floor. When you go out for the evening wear a bit more makeup and do your hair the way he likes. Let your elegantly beautiful image remain in his mind way after you part ways.

ways to make him miss you2

6. Mystery

Add some mystery to your experiences together. If you’ve just started dating don’t share your whole life story during a single date. Hint at some things and leave him wanting to hear more

ways to make him miss you

7. Adventures

Have adventures with him and your friends.

Men want to be the main reason why you smile and won’t love the idea of knowing someone else is making you laugh.

Be sure he knows that you’re having a great time with friends and he’ll be sure to miss being the reason you’re grinning from ear to ear. Plus having so many fun adventures with your man and with your friends will surely boost positivity making you even more attractive. No one wants to hang out with a Negative person all the time.

Ways to make him miss you

8. Personal Space

To give him some personal space he won’t miss you if he sees you all the time. While women want to be close to their men. Men need a little space to themselves to recharge and think.

So sign up for a dance classes or yoga lessons to give your mister the chance to miss you when you’re gone.

ways to make him miss you5

9. Compassionate love

A compassionate love it’s a huge sign of a healthy relationship and it means that your partner has a vested interest in making you happy. How can you tell if your partner has compassionate love for you?

See if they go out of their way to make you happy. This can even be little things like giving you the last bite of ice cream so that you can enjoy it or maybe he offers you his coat when you’re cold even if that means he will get cold. When a man is experiencing this type of love, this sacrifice doesn’t seem like much of one to him because he takes joy in pleasing you.

ways to make him miss you6

10. Romantic Love

Romantic love is more common, however compassionate love is really the hallmark of successful couples and happy long-term relationships.

Romantic love is in the early stages of a relationship, it is the new time together and it is when couples are usually spending the most time together. In Romantic love you are able to see just how in love a man is with you because he will want to do the best to please you and to be his best self around you.

If he is in love with you, he will surprise you with his wit, charm and stories he thinks you would be interested in. Wanting to get to know you better and by wanting to do new experiences with you.

Maybe this includes a weekend away, seeing different sites together and making new memories together. Maybe it is introducing you to a new restaurant that he has only taken you to and on one else. A man in love will want to start building long term memories with you and surprise you with suggestions on where to go to create these.

Those are the 10 Things ALL Men Do When They Are In Love.

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