The Major Arcana

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The Major Arcana stands for the most fundamental energies of life. They are symbol for our inner forces and motives.

One could say that the Major Arcana is a psychological and spiritual study of an individual in his relations with the spiritual and physical world.

The 22 cards are numbered from 0 to 21. They all have a specific name as you can see below. Every card represents a certain principle or force. They help the individual in his quest for further wisdom. With this wisdom he can control his passions and transform them in higher values.

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Rider-Waite Major Arcana Meanings

0. The Fool – I start a new journey knowing that I am protected

1. The Magician – I master the Elements

2. The High Priestess – The knowledge is deep in myself

3. The Empress – I am creative and love my true nature

4. The Emperor – I rule with wisdom.

5. The Hierophant – I look for higher values.

6. The Lovers – My relations are harmonious and made with free will.

7. The Chariot – Here I am.

8. Strength – I accept all my instincts and bring them in harmony.

9. The HermitIt’s time for an introspective retreat.

10. Wheel of FortuneI can’t escape the fate that I made myself

11. JusticeI can see dualities and harmonize them

12. The Hanged ManI must take a new direction and accept the ups and downs

13. DeathI must stop this because something new is waiting and accept the ups and downs

14. TemperanceI found harmony after my transformation

15. The Devil I have a confrontation with my shadow

16. The TowerMy old structures are destroyed

17. The StarI am regenerating knowing that I am a part of the Cosmos are destroyed

18. The Moon I am overwhelmed with my inner emotions

19. The SunThe world is beautiful

21. The World – I belong here

20. Judgement – In understand that I am part of a bigger whole and am grateful for it

The Major Arcana

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