Yes or No Love Tarot Spread

Yes or no one card

Using The Yes or No Love Tarot Spread One Card For Answering Quick Questions

Yes or No Love Tarot Spread

Although simple, the Yes or No Love Tarot Spread, also called the One Card Tarot Spread, is a very effective spread for problem solving. It can also be used for answering simple yes or no types of questions during a tarot reading.

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Because you are limited to only one card, it is important that you frame your question clearly. The more concise you are, the easier it will be to interpret the spread.

This particular spread is known for its ability to give guidance on how to approach a particular situation. In terms of yes or no questions, it is helpful to incorporate upright and reversed tarot card positions. Although it is not always the case, reversed card positions represent a no and an upright position represents a yes.

yes or no tarot card min

To begin, shuffle the cards and divide the deck into three piles. While you are shuffling, be sure to focus on your question. Choose the pile that speaks to you the most and pull one card. Place it in front of you. This is the one tarot card you will be reading.

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