Tarot Spreads For Love Life

tarot spreads for love life

The 12 Card Tarot Spreads For Love Life For A Stronger Relationship

Tarot Spreads for love life is a great spread for opening up communications with your partner, starting to really get to know each other and understanding each other. This builds a better love life for both of you and a stronger relationship. When this is utilized on a regular basis, a couple can re-discover their relationship in an entirely new way.

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What Are The 12 Card Tarot Spreads For Love Questions

For this particular spread, each couple takes turn shuffling the cards. Next, you spread the cards out in a semi-circle in front of you. While concentrating on the suggested questions listed below, each partner will take a turn, pulling one card for each question. There are 12 cards because each partner pulls a card, the same question is asked as each partner pulls a card, then move to the next question

First Card – What can I learn from you?
Second Card – What do I expect from you?
Third Card – How can I be more supportive?
Fourth Card – What can I do to be a better partner?
Fifth Card – What does my partner need from me?
Sixth Card – What is the direction of our relationship needs to take?

Use the Tarot Spreads for Love Life are great to use to open communication, ask questions and bond better with your partner, new or long time friend. Get to know each other all over again with this spread.

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tarot spreads for love life

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