Romantic Tarot Spread

romantic tarot card

The 7 Card Romantic Tarot Spread For Love & Romance

romantic tarot card

When approaching the tarot with questions of love and romance, it’s always important to remember that you have control over your own actions and behaviors. If something doesn’t feel quite right, this should be acknowledged. Nothing is set in stone and the tarot cards can change from day to day. This is largely due to the fact that our relationships have frequent changes of energy.

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The Romantic Tarot Spread is the ideal tarot spread for those seeking or entering into a new relationship. The goal of this spread is to give you insight and offer you guidance.

When we understand the overall energy of a relationship, we can identify where there could be issues. The Romance Spread identifies key areas of concern. It can also identify areas of strength and suggest steps that can be taken in the future.

When preparing for this spread, try to keep an open mind. Its important to let go of your expectations. Allow the tarot to do its job. One approach is to inquire about the things you need to learn from this relationship. I have found the results to be incredibly insightful and powerful.

What Card In The Romantic Tarot Spread Means

First Card – Is there hope of finding romance in the future?.
Second Card – Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?.
Third Card – Will the relationship feel safe and secure?
Fourth Card – Will there be commitment in the relationship?
Fifth Card – Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?
Sixth Card – Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?
Seventh Card – What can be done to find true and lasting love?

romantic tarot spread

Use the Romantic Tarot Spread each time you want to ask the cards to help you answer questions about love and relationships.

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