Money Tarot Spread

money tarot

The 5 Card Tarot Reading For Money and Financial Success

Money tarot spread

Love and money usually go hand in hand, because as a couple we have different aspirations which include money. These could be a large vacation, a house, starting a family, and so on. Included in money are all things surrounded by money, includes work, career and finances. Although the money Tarot is a great tool for brainstorming, creativity and meditation, it is also a great resource for gaining valuable information about your financial status and concerns.

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Every card in the Tarot deck can have a financial interpretation and Tarot readings can certainly be geared towards your career and money issues. The Money Tarot Spread is great for identifying your beliefs about money and abundance and the path in your career to success. The money spread also can reveal where you need to change your belief systems and identify the actions you need to take to encourage success to enter your life.

Money Tarot Reading Meaning

First Card – This card represents your current financial situation and reflects your current relationship to money.
Second Card – This card represents your core beliefs about money and reflects your ideas and feelings.
Third Card – This card represents the past influences of your relationship with money. It also reflects how your past has shaped your ideas and feelings about your money.
Fourth Card – This card represents your spiritual relationship to your money. This card often reflects the important lessons you need to learn about your relationship to your money.
Fifth Card – This card represents the action you need to take to change your current financial situation, including both the spiritual and emotional changes that need to be implemented

money tarot

Use this Money Tarot Spread for all money and financial moves to help you as a guide for a happier and more prosperous life.

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