Divinity Guidance Tarot

divinity guidance tarot

The 8 Card Divinity Guidance Tarot Card Spread For Love & Life

divinity guidance tarot

The Divinity Guidance Tarot is a great tool for finding direction in spiritual matters.

If spirituality is important to you, you will appreciate how this particular tarot card spread can further your growth and development. This spread is also useful when you find yourself confronted with a problem or situation that you do not know how to approach or handle.

Although you may be dealing with issues that are currently troubling you, this spread helps you get back on track. It can give you a broader perspective, one that includes information about your spiritual path and important life lessons.

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What The Divinity Guidance Tarot Love Reading Cards Mean

First Card – This card represents the central issues surrounding you and your primary spiritual questions or concerns. This card refers to what you need to be aware of in the present.
Second Card – This card represents the motivating forces that are leading you to seek spiritual guidance.
Third Card – This card represents your present areas of concern or anxiety surrounding you spiritually.
Fourth Card – This card represents the things that you may not be spiritually aware of in the present.
Fifth Card – This is your spiritual guidance card that hangs directly over you. This card represents the advice and/or actions needed to be taken in order to improve your chances for spiritual growth and success.
Sixth Card – This card represents how to best proceed and/or use the guidance in the present.
Seventh Card – This card represents how to best proceed and/or use the guidance in the future.
Eighth Card – This card represents the expected results if the course of action and/or guidance is followed.

divinity guidance tarot

Use the divinity guidance tarot spread when you want to ask guidance from your divine spirt and divine help to guide you to make the right decisions in love and life.

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