20 Simple Love Spells You Can Do Today

20 Simple Love Spells You Can Do Today

Below are a total of 20 Simple Love Spells You Can Do Today, broken into to three different areas, and they are really straight forward, some old and proven, and some new that might help you with your love chances.

Simple Love Spells To Do Now

  1. A bouquet of roses placed in the southwestern edge of your bed room is thought to attract love.
  2. To prevent a Lover from straying, light a green candle to St. Martha and also ask her to keep him faithful to you.
  3. To find out if your Lover will certainly remain with you, cut an apple in half and also give him or her the other half. If he or she takes the apple, he or she will be with you a long period of time.
  4. Feed your lover a fig, with your initials lightly placed right into it, to keep him or her faithful.
  5. Pull the following cards from a Tarot Deck – The King of Cups, the Queen of Mugs, the Ace of Cups as well as the Lovers. Fan these cards around a pink candle and light the candle. Don’t move these cards for a period of 7 days. This is an affirmation of your love intent to discover or keep a lover or soulmate.
  6. Get a lock of your Lover’s hair and spin it with a lock of your very own in a clockwise direction, nine times. Tie both ends with red string, thread or ribbon and keep in a safe place, such as a locket, red packet or envelope or any other protective pouch. Put this in your pocket.
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Simple love Spells To Do Next

  1. To have him or her think or desire you more frequently, place on the corners of a picture oil from an orange and a rose and place the picture under your pillow that you sleep on at night.
  2. To draw in a brand-new lover, light a red candle light to St. Barbara and also ask her to make you attractive to your soulmate.
  3. To maintain you on your lovers mind, do this after each time you split up. Strike a match on the heel of your shoe and say “Hold true.”
  4. To bless your marriage and also keep him faithful, serve him cooked cabbage on the new moon, monthly.
  5. Melt a pink candle light, carved with both of both of your initials within a heart, together with the planetary symbol of Venus, to draw your lover to you.
  6. Serving your partner rhubarb pie on a moon will certainly keep him faithful.
  7. To ensure that a relationship will last, fill a glass with water. Let him or her take a sip of it then you take a sip of it yourself. Then intentionally drop it to make sure that it breaks. Collect the shards and bury it in the backyard.
  8. Bring a rose quartz as a love amulet to draw love to you.
  9. To arouse desire in a partner, carve his/her name right into the side of a red candle light, bless it lightly with olive oil then light it.
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Simple Love Spells To Do Last

  1. To find out how many even more months a troubled relationship has left, prepare some kidney beans. Place what you believe is an equal quantity of beans on your plate and then on his. Count the beans on each plate. The difference in the number of beans on each plate informs the amount of months you have actually left to work things out.
  2. Wear copper jewelry, the preferred metal of Venus, to bring loving vibrations all around you.
  3. To have him or her think about no one but you, take two different photos, one of each of you and sandwich them with faces together. Bind this together with pink as well as red ribbon and also keep in a secret place and safe place.
  4. To keep a man faithful, on his photograph dab oil that has been soaked for three days in rosemary leaves. Rosemary ensures the dominance and presence of the woman in the relationship.
  5. To encourage a proposal of marriage, serve your lover a dish full of seven  strawberries covered with cream. Make sure the strawberries are fresh and the bowl looks full.  The cream should be fresh whipped by you, don’t use the can version.  Good long term relationships are not built on aged fruit and packaged cream.  But on hand selected ripe fruit and cream that is fresh and made with love.
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