Love Tarot and The World Card

Love Tarot and The World Card

The World Card In Love Tarot

In a love tarot and the World card reading denotes harmony, balance and fulfillment in your romantic relationship. There is a deep understanding of both yourself and your relationship. This level of maturity often ensures enduring commitments and partnerships. In some cases, the World card can be associated with travel, so if you and your partner have been thinking about taking a vacation, it is likely to happen.

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Traditionally, the love tarot and the World card references the end of a journey. This is not a true representation of death. Rather, it is symbolic of those endeavors or goals that you have achieved or completed. In tarot readings, the World is a symbol of wholeness. This occurs both psychologically and spiritually. There is personal freedom in your expression as you come to fully understand who you really are as an individual. In love tarot readings, this is often interpreted as the authentic self that has finally learned how to communicate with your partner in a genuine way. The World tarot card can be a symbol of rebirth. Although some journeys may be at an end, new ones are beginning.

When the love tarot and the World card comes up in readings, you can expect shifts in your relationship. New doorways are opening. Be open to new adventures. If a change in your career or present residence has been a dream of yours, now is the time to do it. On a spiritual level, you and your partner may wish to explore new levels of intimacy or participate in new spiritual practices.

The World Helps You Open Up To New Love Relationships

For those who are single, the World often suggests that you have finally reached a place where you are likely to meet that special person. The work you have done on yourself has created a strong sense of individuality. It may be time to start thinking about opening yourself up to a new love relationships. If you are seeking love, let go of your expectations. If someone appears as though they aren’t your type, give them a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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