Love Tarot and The Magician Card

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The Magician Card In Love Tarot

In love tarot readings, the Magician imparts the elements of enchantment and magic that are found in our relationships. Love Tarot and The Magician Card represents the creative force behind attraction, love and union. His appearance in love tarot readings often signifies a period of infatuation and magnetism. This presence should warrant both excitement and caution as the Magician has an erratic nature and the energy surrounding him can be intense and powerful.

Love Tarot and The Magician Card

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Traditionally, the Love Tarot and The Magician Card is a card of manifestation. His is a reminder that one’s thoughts can be solidified into concrete reality. The Magician is a card of action and he has learned how to channel Divine Energy on the physical plane. In other words, The Magician creates with the help of the Divine. He is the conscious link between Divinity and the realm of man. He is a card of creation, manifesting his powers in the everyday world.

In love tarot readings, The Magician’s magic can bring two people together. If you have been seeking new partnerships, this would be the time to put your creative energy to use and trust the process. The Magician urges you to feel the power within you and to recognize that you have the power to create your own reality. Utilizing your own self-confidence can help you make significant connections. If you are already in a relationship, then “magic is in the air”. This would be the time to do some exploration with your partner. Your joint efforts could produce lasting results.

The Magician Represents Love Interest

In love tarot readings, the Magician can also represent a love interest or significant other. The magician can also refer to an individual who has learned to master the world around him to achieve his goals. He is a person who prefers to stay active and is constantly attempting the make things happen. He is an individual that knows how to utilize his skills to create a world he wants. He can be a smooth talker and adaptable to any situation that he finds himself in.

The negative element to the Magician Tarot card is his vulnerability to being a trickster. In this regard, he may be erratic or harbor false intentions. When he appears in love tarot readings, he always represents an individual that you need to get to know before you hand your heart to him.

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