Love Tarot and The Chariot Card

Love Tarot and The Chariot Card

The Chariot Tarot Card In Love Tarot

In a love tarot and the Chariot card reading, the Chariot Tarot card is a symbol of energy, action, courage and success. In a love tarot card reading, if the Chariot card comes up in your reading, then it means that it is a symbol of our intentions, and if it is love you seek, the Chariot often signifies the onset of new romantic experiences or relationships.

Love Tarot and The Chariot Card

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Historically, many early tarot decks show the Lovers tarot card as a young people standing between two figures, one male and the other presumably female. In this case, the Lovers card represents the constantly reoccurring love triangle. From this point of view, The Lovers symbolizes an initial decision. The young lover must choose between his loyalty to his mother or to his lover. Metaphorically speaking, this refers to someone’s decision to follow authority or to engage independently. This is what the field of psychology refers to as individuation, or self development.

In a Love Tarot and The Chariot Card reading it can also represent changes in your relationship. The Chariot Tarot card often urges you to redirect your energy towards one’s own goals, and if you have been consumed by your current relationship, the Chariot reminds you to put the focus back onto yourself.

The Chariot Card Is The Card Of Triumph and Victory

Traditionally, the love tarot and the Chariot card is the card of triumph and victory. In Tarot reading, the Chariot references your ability to accomplish your goals. More importantly, the Chariot symbolizes balance. In this regard, The Chariot represents your capacity to manage your instincts or primal drives. The Chariot represents true will power and its appearance in a Tarot reading often signifies the need to direct your energy and ambitions with intention and confidence.

The element of balance also has implications in a love Tarot reading. The Chariot often signifies the need to balance your relationship with your own ambitions. If you are career focused, then you need to be sure you do not neglect your emotional and personal life, and if you are family focused, you need to be sure you take time for yourself and pursue the things that are important to you.

The Chariot’s appearance in a Love Tarot reading can be a sign that one must take control of their life. The Chariot can represent the individual that has become consumed by their emotions or has issues with losing control. The Chariot in a reversed position can often indicate feelings of being out of control or overwhelmed. No matter what the situation is, the Chariot always urges you to find balance in your own life, and this can be particularly true with your intimate relationships.

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