How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You?

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Quick Quiz To Find Out!

You are in this relationship and your friends want to know if he feels the same about you as you feel about him? Or is this relationship going anywhere? We connected with our phycologists friends and they have prepared proven questions to help you with your answer. Next time someone asks you “How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You” you know.

Here is a fun Love Test with just 10 YES or NO questions to give you the answer, How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You?

Answer the next 10 questions to find out how he feels about you!

Before you start, you will need a notepad and pen to keep you score. Count how many times you said “YES”!

Just answer yes or no to each question. Be 100% honest with yourself.

Ready? Lets start.

How much does your boyfriend love you

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Question 1


Has your boyfriend surprise you with a gift of some kind in the last two weeks? It can even be a flower out of the garden or a little note.

YES or NO?

Question 2

change plans

Would he change his plans just to see you and spend time with you?

YES or NO?

Question 3

full attention

When you are near, does he stop what he is doing and give you his full attention?

YES or NO?

Question 4

special dates

Does he remember special dates, such as your birthday or the day you first met?

YES or NO?

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Question 5

looking at you

Do you often catch him looking at you?

YES or NO?

Number 6

long term

Have you both had a conversation about a long-term future together.

YES or NO?

Number 7


Is it him that texts you often and before you would text him?

YES or NO?

Number 8

hold your hand

Does he hold your hand in public?

YES or NO?

Number 9


Has he introduced you to his family?

YES or NO?

Number 10


Has he ever cheated on you?

YES or NO?

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Result Time!

Result Time

Add up how many times you answered YES!

Score Tally

No, he does not have a crush on you

0 – 2 Yes Answers

Oh, so sorry to tell you but this guy does not love you at all. Maybe you want to consider finding someone who will love you.

It may not be a crush yet, but he has definitely noticed you

3 – 5 Yes Answers

Your boyfriend cares for you. However he is not in love with you, just dating you. He may change, but you need to put more into the relationship and see how it works out.

Is it True Love or Just A Crush?

6 – 8 Yes Answers

Great! He does love you. But he does place his own needs before yours in this relationship.

Congratulations, he has a massive crush on you

9 – 10 Yes Answers

Oh So Happy For YOU!! This guy is a catch. He is totally smitten and head over heels in love with you. There is a definite future in this relationship for you both.

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How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You

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How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You

How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You

How Much Does Your Boyfriend Love You

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