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Basic Tarot Spread For Love

A basic Tarot spread or Tarot Spreads are used when you ask a question to a Tarot reader, they will lay out the cards according to some pattern.
There are many Tarot spreads. Too many to name them all. And on top of that it is perfectly legit for a reader to make new spreads.
There is only mention a few spreads here.

But first there is one remark on ‘the question’. Never ask something on which you expect a black/white answer (yes/no, good/bad, …). Tarot is not made for that. Tarot gives descriptive answers.

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Some examples of Tarot Spreads:

  • one card spread
  • three cards spread
  • the next step
  • relation spread
  • the secret of he High Priestess
  • The Celtic Cross

And as already mentioned, there are many more.

You should not underestimate the power of the one card spread. It is a simple pattern but because of that it can be very helpful. It certainly is a very good spread for Tarot students.

Tarot Spread Celtic Cross

basic tarot spread Celtic Cross

Probably the most used and best known Tarot spread is the Celtic Cross. It can be used for all kinds of questions which makes it very powerful.

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Daily Tarot Card

In a basic tarot spread, perhaps you already heard or read about the daily tarot card. This is an excellent tool to get a better feeling for the cards.

The idea is that you draw one tarot card every day. That card is then matched with the events and experiences of that day. That way you’ll get a better feeling for the meaning of the tarot cards. You can even keep a tarot diary that way.

This is particularly useful for beginners. They learn to feel and understand the cards without having to memorize them.

beginners tarot min

And the idea of the daily tarot card is really very good.

For beginners it is one of the best ways, perhaps the best, to learn to feel the tarot cards, more experienced people can use the tarot diary to see trends in their daily life, you can also use that card as a subject for reflection or focus on the cards and deal tarot spreads for love on a regular basis.

Almost always you are advised to draw the daily tarot card in the morning. One could call it the morning tarot card. You can then connect that card with what happens and with your feelings during the day. And here I find that a possible danger is around the corner: wishful thinking. Something happens and you day: “that’s it, that is the meaning of the daily tarot card”. That can be because you like the event (positive wishful thinking). But it could also be because you don’t like it at all; you might even be afraid of it (negative wishful thinking). Anyway, that moment you don’t look anymore at what happens during the remaining of the day.

The six of swords

Love Tarot and the six of swords card

A man doesn’t feel well on his current job. Like every day he draw his daily tarot card early in the morning when he gets up. Today it is the Six of Swords. He already studied a bit of tarot and read that this card can mean something like: moving away towards something new. A bit later he takes the newspaper and by accident it falls on the floor. And it has opened on the job offerings. This is no coincidence he days. I must go for a new job. And the first thing he does when he arrives at his work is demission.

That same day, while the man is at work, his wife is shopping and she finds a new shop where they have delicious coffee. From now on I will buy the coffee in that shop she says.

What is now the meaning of the Six of Swords? It doesn’t matter here as this is a fictive story. But would it have been real, then perhaps the man took the wrong decision. Or he took the right decision but on the wrong moment. Continue to read more about the Six of Swords.

tarot cards scattered min

But this is of course no reason to step away from the daily tarot card. After all, it is a very good method to feel the tarot cards. Only, certainly for beginners, I advise to draw the daily tarot card in the evening. I call this the evening tarot card. On that moment you can easily reflect on all the events of the day. Granted, the risk for wishful thinking still exists. But I think that this danger is much smaller now.

By the way, the story above shows also something else. Don’t ever let tarot cards take decisions for you. Tarot cards can only help you. They can show you possible opportunities or dangers. They can show you things to think about. But you have to take your own life in your own hands! Click Here To Learn More about Tarot Card Readings

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basic tarot spread, basic tarot spread

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