9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You!

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

In a relationship, it feels good to simply know where you stand.
So is he really in love with you?

9 signs he is madly in love with you

These 9 signs will help you to know.

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9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

1. He shares his food with you.

If you remember Joey from the popular 90’s TV series “Friends”.
He never shared his food with anyone. Even if he went on a date with a girl he really liked. Apparently, there are many people out there who hate it when someone takes a bite of their food. Especially without asking first.
That’s why seeing your partner sharing their food with you, offering you a taste of it is a clear sign of affection.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

2. He leaves you voice messages

Online communication is a good alternative for those who cant be together as much as they want. But still feel the need to stay in touch. However, plain words on a screen don’t always have the same meaning that was intended. They are often impersonal. Leaving a voice mail or voice message, on the contrary are not. It is more personal and they make conversations at a distance so much better. Next time you listen to a voice mail your partner sent you, remember he took that time and effort to call you and leave the message because he loves you.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

3. He is happy to leave his phone unattended

Some people guard their devices avidly. And never leave their phones, lap tops or other devices alone. If this happens when he is at home, does this mean that that he has something to hide? This is not a good foundation for a relationship built on trust. If a person behaves naturally around you, this usually means nothing but true love.

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9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

4. He is ready to trying new things.

When two people meet, they bring both their likes and dislikes to share with each other. Additionally, the older we get, the harder it is for us to adjust to something new. Especially when it comes to doing something different for entertainment for example. A partner who deeply cares for you and wants to learn more about you and your personality will want to be apart of the activities you like. Being involved in interests and doing things together, such as tennis or going on nature walks. These joint activities strengthens the bond between the two of you and opens up both of your hidden qualities.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

5. He leaves you lovely notes and surprise gifts everywhere

True feelings come with thought. Naturally, celebrating big anniversaries are expected and most of us do not let each other down on these occasions.
It does not even have to be a big event, simply showing he remembered with flowers, a nice meal or gifts. But it is the little things and unexpected surprises that really make your day. What these small and thoughtful acts are really saying is “I cherish you and I want to remind you about this each and every moment”. This is a wonderful sign of love and respect.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

6. He changes his habits for you

Some old habits are hard to break. And it should not be expected that he will change his personality completely in order to stay in a relationship.
relationships are about being yourself. But trying to be the very best version of each other for each other For example, would you try and become more organized, putting things in their place for him? If the answer is yes, then he is lucky to have you in his life.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

7. He is with you through the most unexciting moments in your life

For most men, this is shopping. For example, most men are not eager to join you on a shopping spree that can go on for hours. But if your man is up to spending time and money on clothing and accessories, or help you select what looks good on you, then he is really in to you.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

8. He wants to have a conversation with you and not just sit there in silence.

It is different to be in each others company and not say something because you are both talking without saying a word. You both feel save and relaxed next to each other. Same holds true that he wants a constant conversation with you and open up to you. There is no awkward moment when you both don’t know what to say. The same can be said when there is a problem or something upsetting, knowing what to say and when is the key.

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

9. He is proud of being with you and being seen with you

It is not uncommon that a relationship is private in the beginning. This is usually because you are getting to know each other and not sure where this is heading or you want a secret romance together and enjoy the time together. But when you have been dating for some time, and he is still shy about the two of you being together, then it may be a time to address it with him.

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9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

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9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You

9 Signs That He is Madly in Love With You