9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

What are the telltale signs that you or someone you know, is actually connected with another person spiritually. There are 9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone.

9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

Each day, we meet many new people. At the mall, work place, school, malls, markets, events. In the places we go, we exchange contacts and greetings with others. However this is not just about the people we meet. It is about the spiritually connection that we have. Almost a Midas touch!

Even though you have never met them. When you meet them, it ignites a spark that makes you feel at home and relaxed, calmed and comforting.
Sometimes you open up to them and tell them things you would not normally tell anyone. Secrets that even your old or other closest friends don’t know about you.

So what are the 9 signs of spiritual connection with someone?

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1. Discernment


Perception to obtain spiritual guidance and understanding.
Most times our instincts do not lie to us. When you see someone you are spiritually connected too. You have a firm conviction in you that you can flow naturally with this person.
Even without any conscious effort by anyone. This is just so natural and instantly you are relaxed around this person.
Even though, you have not had anything that built up that trust.

2. You flow naturally with this person

You flow naturally with this person

This becomes so convincing when you are an introvert. Because naturally, it is difficult for you to relate to people. It is difficult for you to make new friends.

Or maybe you don’t know what to discuss with people. But when someone you have a spiritual connection with comes around. You suddenly transform yourself to become so lively and find yourself fall into a dimension you never thought you would find yourself in.

You may even find yourself bringing up fascinating and exciting topics and discussion points. Your inner personality comes alive and you transform into a different person. A happy person and you are comfortable with yourself.

3. Familiarity


It feels as if you have known this person for a very long time.
You may be so surprised by the friendship. Or most of the times, you don’t even have a friendship with this person, only a conversation.

It may even be a one way conversation because you are opening up to this person. But the conversation turned out to be so good and so detailing you both speak as if you have been so friends for some time.
If you are not so carried away by the conversation you will be so surprised by the conversation you might even become scared that you have opened up too much. Private information about yourself that you told to a stranger.

The difference is that this is not a stranger, they are more.
They are beyond just mere acquaintances and you probably have a spiritual connection with this person.

4. Trust


You have a blind Trust for them. Trust is so expensive.
It takes a great deal of time, confidence, and so much more to develop and sustain.

But in the case of someone you have a spiritual connection with.
You tend to trust them blindly and without any question.
The trust is just there. Neither you or the person you have a spiritual connection with makes any deliberate or conscious effort to develop the confidence.

But then you find out you believe virtually everything they tell you and they do the same for you.
It is a given and the feelings are mutual.

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5. A happy friendship


The friendship is without misunderstandings. Having a spiritual connection with someone. Defies the well-known fact that misunderstandings are inevitable in friendships. Or even that a bond gels more strongly when there has been a misunderstanding or reconciliation. When you are spiritually connected with someone, everything seems to be without any problems.

It is not as if you try to hide your flaws to make the person like you or to keep the friendship.
But the weaknesses seem not to count. The attachment is much stronger and the bond between the two of you grows as each day goes by.

6. Security


They bring safety to your being. When you are spiritually connected with someone. Their presence embeds massive security to your soul. When someone you have a spiritual connection with comes around.

All your fears and doubts seem to vanish into thin air. Once they start to speak to you with of encouragement. Even when they do not say too much. It is also beyond physically speaking.
It transcends, that there’s just something beyond being human that they have in common with you. Most times after that, the joy is not just momentary. Most endless as time itself. You only get to overcome challenges after spending time with them.

7. You feel liberated around them


You can relate without boundaries. Speak without restriction. Express yourself relentlessly. This is more obvious when you are reserved and you generally keep a lot of things to yourself.
When you are with them, it just seems the chains and cults that are holding you bound are broken. Having this freedom, you tend to liven up a lot, turn into a talkative person. Because you are already piled up with stuff within you. So this opportunity is just there for you to pour them all out and open up in comfort.

8. Confidence


They make you feel so confident and secure. Often you might be afraid of some situations. Or some of your traits or things about yourself. Sometimes it is your stature or your physique. Whatever that makes you feel inferior or less of yourself.
When you spend time with your spiritually connected friend. They just have a way of making you feel empowered and the sense of fear is removed. Becoming so confident, no matter what the situation is.
People like this have great joy. When you are strong and confident, someone you have a spiritual connection with goes all the way to ensure you don’t perceive yourself as less of a person. When you see someone pointing you towards this direction of strength. Then you should see this as being spiritually connected with each other.

9. He understands you

He understands you

They understand the way you feel. Without you even telling them. This is not just about a lucky guess. Or understanding it by any spiritual means. But actually they can sense when your mood is down.
Or when you feel so light. They don’t even need you to utter it. But they sense it. Maybe their hearts turn heavy when you are in a bad mood.
Or they don’t just feel the free flow that exists when you are around.

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Those are the 9 signs that you are spiritually connecting with someone.

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9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

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9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

9 Signs Of Spiritual Connection With Someone

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