5 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking About You!

5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you

Have you ever been in a situation where you like someone but you don’t know if they like you as well? Get to know the 5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you.

You spend days and nights thinking about that person. You catch yourself dreaming about that person. You relive the moments you had with them.
But do they feel the same about you? How then do you know if they are thinking about you?

someone is thinking of you

Here are 5 signs from the universe you should pay attention to to know if someone is thinking about you.

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1. You dream about your new man

in your dreams

You are not the person to usually dream about someone.
However, lately you have been thinking about him a lot. He is in your dreams. He keeps entering your mind. You are thinking about what he is doing, what he looks like.
What he is saying, because we are all connected through energy.
What could be happening in your dream may be a direct correlation of what is to happen or currently happening in his life. But, more importantly it tells you that he is thinking about you.
This is why through dreams, you are connected to him. When things like this happen, keep a note pad and pen next to your bed and write it down.
You could even call him and tell him what you saw in your dream. This is a good way to know if they have been thinking about you.

2. For no reason, you just think of him

think of him

Of course, if you are passionate about someone you will think of them often.
However, if you find yourself thinking of him, for no reason at all. He just came into your mind. That could mean that he is thinking of you.
This reaction does not mean that you saw something which made you remember him.
But rather when the thought of him comes to you. All of a sudden without anything to provoke it. If this happens, then most likely you are in his thoughts. Who knows, maybe you will get a message from him unexpectedly. If you don’t, you can also touch base with him.

3. He takes an interest in your friends

interest in friends

When he wants to get to know you better and he is thinking of you. Then he will make every effort to get close to you. This is especially so if your relationship is new. Or he wants to get to know your more. The easiest way to do this is by getting close to your friends.
He starts to take an interest in your friends. He will want to be with you when you see your friends. This is because he wants to see the type of people you spend your time with. He wants to see the influence your friends have on you. In a positive way, and the best way to spend time with you is with your friends as well.

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4. You suddenly sneeze


You may think this is a myth. However, people are finding this belief to be true. Naturally, we are not referring to you sneezing if you have allergies or cold
It is the type of sneeze that just happens for no reason.
Sometimes, you will sneeze many times. For no reason. This may be a sign that someone somewhere is thinking about you. In some cases. He may not only thinking of you, but he may be missing you. If it happens when you are walking or working or something you usually routinely do. Then suddenly you sneeze. It may mean he is seriously missing you.

5. You are smiling


Not the kind of smile you would give when someone tells a joke.
Or you are with your friends and they are laughing. This is when you are busy doing something else. Minding your own business and suddenly you just begin to smile. Nothing happened to make you smile, but you just did it.
This happens when your brain is receiving a signal from your body and your smile is your physical display of your thoughts. This happens when he thinks about you in the most loveliest and positive way as possible. He is thinking about your smile,
Your bright eyes and your laugh. Of course he cannot stop himself from smiling as well.
And you are feeling just how much he likes you. And how he thinks of you well.

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Maybe you started smiling and he calls. Maybe you sneezed and then you received a text message to join him for dinner that night. Or maybe you live in a Deja vu date because you dreamed it only a few nights ago.
Share your experiences with others below.

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5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you

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5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you

5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you

5 signs from the universe that someone is thinking about you