23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

How do you know that someone is thinking about you? There are many psychic and logical ways to know. This article covers 23 psychic signs someone misses you that actually work and many people have used these very techniques.

23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

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1. You Get A Heavy Feeling In Your Heart

You Get A Heavy Feeling In Your Heart

It is like anxiety, but you know for sure that you are not having an anxiety attack. You feel it in your chest, exactly in your heart when you close your eyes. You can actually see the image of the person in your heart. This happens only in case of the people you are deeply connected with. A family member or previous lover. Sometimes, an old lover you are still love but am not in touch with.

2. He Enters Your Mind

He Enters Your Mind

Sometimes, totally out of the blue.
Maybe you are at work or at school. Then all of a sudden, there is a thought in your head about him. When you talk to him.
He tells you that he has been thinking about you. They say this because they have been missing you.

3. He Is In Your Dreams

He Is In Your Dreams

You know when someone is thinking of you because anywhere up to two to three weeks before the person shows up you will start having vivid dreams about that person. Or you may even by accident just start calling everyone by that persons name.

4. What he says when you call him

What he says when you call him

Has someone ever said to you after you call them “Wow, your going to live a long time.”
Or “I was just talking about you!”

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5. Your body reacts

Your body reacts

Some people have a reaction such as their throat gets real itchy, at the same time, the person whose speaking about them pops into their mind. For other people, they feel irritated for no reason at all. This could mean that the other person who you have a deep connection with, is missing you. Another tell tale some have, is they find themselves suddenly playing with their hair.

6. The bond between you and him

The bond between you and him

It all depends on the Spiritual or psychic connect between your two souls. You can feel each other’s energy in vibrational forms and literally feel close or present or near each other. If both your souls are highly awaked, they may even experience the Telepathy too. Because both vibrate their energies at higher frequencies.

7. An honest feeling

The bond between you and him

If its a True Feeling. You don’t really need to look for any signs.
You will feel it directly in your heart.

8. Listen to your soul

Listen to your soul

You just have to listen to your soul, which is telling you constantly.
It is however, a skillful art to be able to listen to your soul.

9. Unable to fall asleep

Unable to fall asleep

According to psychological research.
When you are unable to fall asleep at night, then it is said that may be you are awake in someone’s dream.
Or that he is missing you a lot.

10. Unexpected mood change

Unexpected mood change

When your mood suddenly goes from happy to sad, for no reason at all. This is a sure sign that the other person is missing you. Or, when you start to cry for no apparent reason.

11. The need for each other

The need for each other

Missing someone or being missed by someone will only arise when either of you or both of you are not there for each other. Maybe you are both busy with your own lives.
Or it has been so long since you spoke of saw each other.

You can’t just assume if a person is missing you or not.
Instead, stop wondering, reach out to them. Either ask them directly or tell that you’ve been missing them and let them tell you what they think. Generally, people just don’t confess the feeling of love and care so easily. We all fret we might be seem as clingy or emotional.

12. Is this one sided?

The need for each other

If you are in a one sided relationship, there is no need to find out. Or if you have recently broken off, and you miss the person, the answer as to whether they miss you would depend upon the reason for the break off.

Whose at fault? And the how was the ending, was it emotional or mutual. If you are truly in love with the other person and want them back, forget your ego and tell them so. If the other person is on the same page as you are, then you just salvaged the relationship.
If both of you are not on the same page.

Better to let go and move on.
It wouldn’t work out anyway, and you deserve a loving relationship where the other person deserves you.

13. The conversation he has with you

The conversation he has with you

He will want to talk to you and will want to share small details of his day. If anything important or even a common, everyday thing is happening with his life, he will share it with you. Not because you decided to share, but because he wants to do that.

He will miss your company when he is not with you and knows that when you are with him, he is happy. It could even be a moment you shared together, such as at beautiful spot or enjoyable picnic day.
He will say, that would have made his day even more enjoyable. Anything that affects both of your life, any decision regarding to career, education, waving, future etc.

He will talk to you. He won’t remember you only on vacations to have fun with. He will find time on busy day too, to call you. Just a touch base call to say hello. Or send you even a small message to know how you are doing. This will make your day and let you know he is missing you.

14. You are in his conversations

You are in his conversations

He will mention you, say good about you to his friends, coworkers, family. His female friends will definitely know that, he is serious about you.

15. They copy you

They copy you

They say that the best form of flattery is if someone copies you. If you change your WhatsApp display picture, they change theirs. If you post on Facebook, they do the same.
If you update your status, they put up something similar.

At times they even steal your display pic and use it as theirs.
They call you “By mistake”. By this, I mean they’d call your mobile. If you pick up they’d hang up and say it dialed itself.
They’d also text you “mistakenly” and say it wasn’t yours. They hang around the places you like to be at.

If it is at the restaurant or cafeteria, they’d sit close to the table you normally sit. They’d hang around your favorite spots at the mall as well. They call or text you just to say hello.

16. The little things

The little things

It’s from the things they do (even if it’s a long distance relationship). Random letters in your actual mailbox or messages in your inbox on social media. They usually tell you that they miss you.

Sometimes they may occupy a particular area because your home or your job is close by and they’re only in that area because they hope they will run into you. A person’s actions will tell you a lot. Others may call your phone directly and leave a message on your voicemail.

You can REALLY tell when you have sex with this person.
Their touch will feel a lot more personal and intimate. Are they calling, writing, texting, etc or are you the one doing most of it?

17. The depth of the relationship

The depth of the relationship

Being missed depend upon the nature of your relation with the other person. If its very personal, you are in a personal relationship. Then you don’t need a sign that you are being missed because you are.

18. Look into their soul

Look into their soul

You can also tell that somebody missed you by looking into their eyes when you see them next. Is there is an emptiness in it, some pain and loneliness. If you have been in love you will easily notice that.

Alternatively, look at them just once, with no kind of emotion in your face, and then simply turn away. See the reaction they give you.

19. The obvious way of knowing

The obvious way of knowing

If someone is missing you, and actually wants you and to be apart of your life, they try to reach out to you. This is also true for a person who has been away from you for a long time and tries to get in touch with you, it’s clear that they are missing you.

20. They don’t ignore you for days

They don't ignore you for days

They contact you often and ask to hang out. They seem excited to hang out again soon after you last saw them. They don’t ignore you for weeks. They say they have feelings for you, and describe all the things they enjoy about you. They say they want to see you more often

21. Is he sincere?

Is he sincere

If he does, do you believe him? If you don’t, why don’t you? What’s stopping you from believing that he misses you?

Maybe just talk to him and be like “hey I feel like you don’t actually mean what you say” and see what he says.
Sometimes we like to get into our own heads and believe things that aren’t true. It’s really easy to assume the worst when that’s not the case at all. Just talk to him.

22. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Put some space and time between you and him and see what he does. This is a good way to determine if he is missing you or not.

23. His actions when you see him

His actions when you see him

By the hug you get when you see him. By what he says and the affection and tone in their voice. You can’t gauge emotions through a text message. For this reason, you need to have face to face communication.

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23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

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23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

23 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

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