20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

There are different types of spirit guides. Some people have angel spirit guides. Their purpose is to look over you, protect you and guide you. Spirit guides may not be with us all the time.
But there when we need them the most. Here are 20 signs your spirit guide is trying to contact you.

20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

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1. Tarot cards

Tarot cards

In a tarot reading, you are guided not only by your own life events. These which have been mapped out for you from the day you were born. This is why in numerology, it starts with your date of birth. Tarot also use numerology to understand your past, present and future.

Your spirit can also help to guide you with your present and past. Especially so when you have questions that you are looking for answers to. Your spirits can have an intervention in the direction you should take to help you get where you want to go. To guide you to the right direction, even if this means a rocky road ahead to get to the right place.

2. Light bulbs

Light bulbs

Although LED bulbs make this harder. Psychics believe that spirits can interfere with power or electricity. A flickering light bulb can mean that a spirit is in the room. This can be more evident in LED’s because they don’t really flicker. You could also believe that a spirit guide is trying to contact you when you install a new light bulb. One that has no damage and there is no electrical fault but it blows, for no reason at all.

3. Dreams


Dreams are a way of communicating when you are the most open to communication. Many times the spirit world uses the dream world to send you a message. This is a spirits easiest way of reaching you. This is when dream world imaginations are brought to reality.

The spirits send you messages through events and stories. In your dream your spirit guide can come in different forms. They can send a message through the drama of another world. With the hope that you will wake up and remember the dream. To prepare yourself for what they are telling you.

It is always a good idea to keep a pen and paper near your bed. So when you wake in the morning, the dream is fresh and you can write it down. Later in the day you will forget things or the detail will not be so refined.

You will find that dreams are a way of providing you with the answers to questions that you can not find solutions to in real life. To help this manifestation along, say a pray before you go to bed. This will help you to communicate your concerns and give you a clear mind before you fall asleep.

4. Room temperature changes

Room temperature changes

If all doors and windows are closed, and there is a sudden drop in temperature. This has proven to show that a supernatural being is in the room.

This happens when a particular spirit tries to make contact with everyone. When the spirit is very close to you, you may get goosebumps or your whole body starts to really feel cold and a chill. Your surroundings will have a strange aura and you are more heightened to messages.

spirit animal

Have you met your spirit animal yet? One is given to us when we are born. They are there to look out for you and guide you.

Meet your spirit animal >

5. Songs


Music calms the savage beast, is a common quote. It is the food for the soul. It is also the fastest way to reach your heart. Spirit guides know this and use this as a way to communicate with you.

They do this through songs from the past. They can also introduce you to lyrics of songs you have never heard of before. They can even use TV and songs that don’t play as normal, but are all jumbled up. The spirits use music to warn you, guide you or answer your questions.

You may find that you have been asking a question, then a song comes on and gives you the answer you need. Music is powerful in that it conjures up emotions and answers desires

6. Sounds


Have you ever heard your name being called out but no one is there. Maybe your name is only being called in your head. Or you hear you hear voices from a loved one that has passed away. This is often a sign a spirit is trying to contact you.

7. Smell


Spirits often use aromas and scents. This can be a fragrance that a loved one use to wear when they were alive. Or maybe you don’t know this person, but they are in the same place as you. For example, there are countless encounters of old houses or buildings. These are now museums or bed and breakfast. And you will smell a cigar at the bar but no one is smoking.

Or an old fragrance in the stairwell, but no one has been there for hours. The scent brings back memories of the past. This is done to get your attention. If it is a relative, it can mean that it can take you back to a decision that you made. It helps you to trust in something greater than yourself for guidance. This is the main reason fortune-tellers use different fragrances. Because these fragrances bring memories from your past. It makes it easier for them to communicate effectively with your spirit guide.

8. Clocks


If all the sudden the clock stops. Precisely at the time that a loved one passed away. This is a sure sign that this particular spirit is with you.

9. Written words

Written words

Spirits often use books or articles to get a message to you. This takes the form of many ways. you highlight a particular sentence because it resonates with you but you don’t know why. You suddenly start crying or are overwhelmed with emotion.

Most times when you ask your spirits for guidance they respond in ways. That will effect you emotionally. Words are powerful and they are the greatest source of effective communication. Especially when targeted directly at you. Words carry most of the answers to the questions we ask.

That’s why you could just be casually flipping through content, a post, book, magazine, online article. Then stumble on information that directly answers a question that has been bothering. Your spirit guide led you to that information.

10. Faces


Have you ever seen someone who looks like a loved one who has passed? Maybe you see someone from old family photos. And they look just like someone you have seen or know. As facial recognition becomes more accurate. It will be easier to see this even more so in the near future.

spirit animal

Have you met your spirit animal yet? One is given to us when we are born. They are there to look out for you and guide you.

Meet your spirit animal >

11. Shadows


Have you ever caught something in the corner of your eye. A shadow maybe, or something you thought you saw move. Ever glimpsed outside and thought you saw someone sitting on your outside furniture. To take a second look and to see it was nothing. This is another sign your guiding spirit is trying to connect with you and watching over you.

12. White feathers

White feathers

If you ever see a white feather in places you would never expect to see them. This is a gift from your spirit. It is their calling card. It is your spirit guide is there with you. Watching over you and you have nothing to fear. It is to let you know that you are not alone.

13. Touch


If the following happens to you…
You instantly feel ticklish.
You get tingling sensations on your face or over your body.
It feels like someone is stroking your hair.
You get a jab in the side of the face.
An unexplained niggling pain in your foot.
Or maybe you are unhappy and feel a pat on your back.
Quite often, as psychics express, this is a sign from a loved one. To let you know everything will be ok.

14. Money


If you find money in an odd and strange place. For example a coin behind your TV or in the linen cupboard. It can be a sign from your spirit guide that they want you to be happy.

The little gifts are there to lift your spirits. These surprises come when you are not expecting them. They are placed there if your spirit guide notices you are unhappy or depressed.

Its a sign of their love for you and they are communicating with you. Next time you find a coin in an odd place, smile, because your spirit guide is smiling with you.

15. Digital


If you have been at your computer and it starts doing odd things. At first, you may be forgiven to believe this is a virus. But after you run a scan and see it is not. You see the strange behavior continue. Such as a document downloading on its own.

Or an email from a passed loved one. Ok this one is usually spam. But it has been known. Even text messages have been sent to your mobile phone. Not all of them are spam. And there are times when many are from family or friends who are no longer with us, trying to connect with you.

spirit animal

Have you met your spirit animal yet? One is given to us when we are born. They are there to look out for you and guide you.

Meet your spirit animal >

16. Major warning


Other than a mere touch. Occasionally, you may be pushed. Or they interfere with an object. For example, you buy a new car, then for no reason when the red light turns green. The car just switches off. Within a flash, a car goes past the front of your car and it is speeding. At first you are confused why a new car would stop. Then you realize that your spirit guide just saved your life. In these situations, it usually occurs to move you out of danger.

To thank them for looking out for you, acknowledge what they did. Then say a prayer and meditation to further thank your spirit guide. If in deed you were in danger, then you know that you definitely have someone looking out for you. If you were not in danger, it could mean something else. A pray will help to protect you if the spirit that came to you will leave as fast as they came.

17. Telepathic thoughts

Telepathic thoughts

If you hear voices in your head and have reoccurring thoughts. You are more than likely hearing a spirit trying to connect with you. Listen to them and see why they are connecting with you this way. It may be the way they can communicate with you knowing that you can talk to them and they can communicate directly back to you.

18. Orbs


If you have ever been on a guided history tour or ghost tour. You most definitely have experienced orbs. They are visual directly at night or through the film from a camera. An orb is a small round soft white light. These are spirits guides.

If there is one or more where you are, and they have just arrived. Meaning you did not move into an old house. Then this is a definite sign that they are your spirit guide. They are around you. Letting you know that they are there. It is a signal to let you know they are by your side.

19. Issues


If we are facing a problem or issue. Your spirit guide will will help you to change your direction. They will guide you to looking deep to see the whole picture. To allow us to move in the right direction. This change will make us stronger and move along on the right path.

20. Intuition


Have you ever had the feeling about something. A gut feeling. Only to learn later you were right. This is because your spirit guide is there to help you make the right decisions. They help you open your eyes to things you may not be seeing. Of uncover something that was hidden. If you ignore these signs, your spirit guide will work harder on your intuition to help you.

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Sometimes your spirit guide shows you something that is essential in your life. That you must have overlooked. By making your intuition on the particular situation very strong. You feel compelled to do it.

So now we have covered 20 signs your Sprit Guide is Trying To Contact you.

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20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

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20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

20 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

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